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Post by Derpy Hooves on Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:09 am

All I got were blind bag size/the small vinyl molded ones, which are really what I want. Today's productive searching and purchasing brought my current blind bag count up to 36(38 counting those I'm babysitting for a friend

which is AWESOME!

My images may be far too big, sorry about that, you know how to view them :D All the pictures were taken just with an iphone and i dont want to resize them all because I have to select from a lot which ones I will use while writing all

of this.


Here's the basic rundown of the day before I get to reviewing the crystal empire/miniature collection sets. My mother needed to go to Walmart to get some presents for some relative young children's birthdays tomorrow (I have to

make pony cards tonight, the family has become accustom to my custom pinkie pie birthday cards) and so of course I decide to look at ponies, though most of what I want is always a Target exclusive, I always have to look.
So I get to the aisle where they always have ponies, and I literally shouted out loud when I noticed next to the normal, pink box of Blind Bags was a PURPLE BOX!!!! Purple, if you know, is the 3rd wave of Blind Bag toys. This

wave includes Lyra('lyra heartstrings' in this box), Carrot Top(Golden Harvest), Berry Punch(Berryshine), Blues(Noteworthy) and of course, Big Macintosh(Spelled 'Big Mcintosh' on all of the current merchandise, hmm...)!! This set also

includes Glow-in-the-dark versions of Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. Of course I instantly jump on my iphone, get the numbers of the ponies and start cracking the code on the packs (this time it was 4X5X2, replace the X's with

the numbers of the pony) and I collect all of those ponies I mentioned above since they are the on-screen ponies.

(I open them later to find I misread a '3' as an '8' and instead of a glow-in-the-dark Rarity i got a normal Pinkie Pie, wonderful, another worthless double to add to the many I get later...)

I check the nearby Target for toys, nothing but a newborn Pinkie... so COMPLETELY EMPTY.

So in general I'm happy, having a special version of Rarity isn't that important to me, but I got all of the Background ponies that were available to me, so im happy.

So I go home, arrange them on my shelf, and find out the glow in the dark ponies actually all glow green! its really cool in my opinion, seeing a pink or purple pony turn green in the dark. Apparently rarity is green in the

light, probably because you can't really cover the glow-stuff with white. at this point my collection is already stretching my shelf space...
So now my ALL SUPPORTING MOTHER decides to ask me after dinner "how about we go to the other walmart and look for the one pony you got the wrong number for?" I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

So we head of the other Walmart, the previous stores are in the city accross the bridge in Wisconsin which is actually closer to us because of where we live whereas our "local" stores here in Minnesota are further, but no sense

in visiting the same store twice. We get there and NOTHING! There is no pink box or purple, asked an employee turns out some little girl came in with her birthday money and bought them all, good for her at least! I guess im not too

defeated since like I said a new rarity really isn't priority. So we leave and I say "Well we used 17 miles of gas, why don't we check out the Target up here before we go home?" my mother says fine and we walk in, 30 minutes to close we

get a warning as we walk in and im like "just here to check on some ponies" the girl laughs, she's seen me make purchases before.
I get to the pony aisle, NOTHING! THERE IS A GIANT SQUINKIES DISPLAY IN THEIR PLACE!!! I felt so defeated, maybe my Targets were done with pony toys? (not really but its funny to think) So I walk another aisle over, and there is

an even BIGGER CRYSTAL PONIES DISPLAY! Half of one side of the aisle is ponies here! Most of the 'Pony Wedding' Playful ponies are gone already (no Trixie for me :( ). And a fair bit of the Miniature collection is gone too.
So I snatch up all 3 miniature collections, and a Rainbow Crystal Pony collection, and then take my time to look at all the other toys. A set of Fashion Style Cadance and Shining Armor, a GIANT plastic castle playset with those

two in Playful Pony size and lots of wedding toys. Last to catch my eye is a box of 5 inch plushes of Rainbow Dash, Pinkie and Twilight. These were $5 a piece and I almost go them all, but I decided it wasn't really what I wanted and it

was more of an "ooh, new" feeling. Everyone here already knows I cherish the plushes I already have. Plus this box was completely full, so not many people wanted them, so if I ever do, they will probably be there.

ALSO all of these stores had trading cards, in the trading card section. These are definitely targeted at us fans and you should definitely pick some up! I got 2 packs, nothing special but a foil pinkie, and neither of my

sweepstakes codes one me a prize.

This takes me to the end of my collecting. In all I spent $57 on blind bag size ponies today. I will sadly admit to you all that this wasn't my money but my very supporting mother's. I felt slightly odd as a 16 year old guy

asking my mom to purchase me My Little Pony toys. Oh well, I promised her I will pay her back, and I'm hoping you won't look at me bad for doing such a thing.



Some short words about the purple pack blind bags.
I like them all very much, I love these background ponies, the only real problem is they STILL only have cutie marks on one side! And Lyra's hair is missing the white streak, which I'm told is present in wave 5-6, where she was

officially named "'Lyra' Heartstrings" (even though this box has that name on the packaging and card, yet wave 3 was supposed to be simply "heartstrings", so i assume a reprint of packaging was cheap enough for hasbro). Nothing too much

to complain about, I love blind bags so much (they are the most show accurate that we have) and its nice to see actual onscreen ponies that fans like getting attention now.


These are what I really cared about, the Crystal Empire collection, all these wonderful, molded, beauties. All of the "special" ponies included are amazingly crafted, and im not disappointed at all except that they sometimes have issues

standing up straight.

First the Cloudsdale set

This is probably the set I was most excited about, Gilda is HUGE (not exactly to scale with the others, but damn close) and the wonderbolt is pretty cool. Rainbow Dash is Rainbow Dash, double I don't really need...

Gilda is freaking, AMAZING! I don't like Gilda at all, many people dont like her because her mean, others like her because she's cool. I personally just hate her, she's not an interesting character to me and I didn't really like her

design, until now. GILDA WAS MADE TO BE 3D! Her molded toy is so fantastic I can't even begin to describe my excitement over it. I read reviews saying she was good, but I didn't really get it through my head how great she looks, that

means you won't really get it until you see it, but that's why im saying this. If you think she looks cool here, wait until you actually GET HER! You may see the picture and say "well her talons could be better" or something, but

remember how small these are, the work put into the griffin at this size is just astounding. It's no question that these toys are a direct response to our enthusiasm as fans.

The Wonderbolt! She is pretty huh! Her giant mohawk does make her want to fall over though. I was slightly disappointed when I opened it, The internet had me convinced this was Spitfire, but it's not, she's white, not yellow. In all

honesty i'm still lovin' it. I can't give her design the same praise as gilda, because she's just a plain ol wonderbolt, her suit is ok I guess and the 2-tone glare on her goggles is pretty cool (not to mention a rasied strap on those

goggles). Apparently they will use a similar mold to this one for Zecora (the mohawk and foot position gives it away, do I sense a Zecora-Manticore-Cackatrice set in the future?) Well I AM very happy we got a wonderbolt toy, still wish

it could be yellow like Spitfire, but oh well. OH ONE BOTHER! Just like all of the other ponies she only has her cutie mark on her "display side" even though its on her wonderbolt suit! Isn't that crazy! I mean I know its like a

tradition to have only 1 cutie mark on these but she's in a uniform!


Maybe this is the set I was most excited for? I can't tell. Cadance is AMAZING (and much better than this image of one that may be included in an actual blind bag, wave 5-6: http://mylittlewiki.org/w/images/7/7a/Blind-cadence.jpg) seeing

as she has her own mold here, it's really well done. Shining Armor also has his own mold independant of the other stallions. Two of him i've had have issues with all 4 feet touching the ground so i dont know if i've just seen bad ones or

if it's a common occurance. Twilight is Twilight.

Cadance is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Her mold design is absolutely esquisite in capturing her design from on screen and NOT making her look like a celestia clone. She even has her strange pre-g4 legs and everything! The amount of detail put

in her head, hair and Tiara are fantasic. This is one I know everyone will want because of how accurate it is. She also has trouble standing on the 3 feet she is supposed to stand on, she tends to use that bent front foot for balance, oh

well, still awesome looking. Again, cutie mark on just one side (this is true for every pony except Gilda, who isn't a pony)

Shining armor isn't exactly SPECTACULAR but he still has the great attention to detail that all of the collection-exclusives have. Including the colored feet, which is not present in the regular blind bag males (though they do have the

"fur edge" in their mold design, so you can buy a Big Mac with confidence!) He's a pretty simple design so he is captured quite well, his cutie mark is in perfect detail and on mine here turned out absolutely flawless, my niece got one

as well, her's wasn't so. Still good though.


Was this the set I was most excited for? Fuck it, I WAS EXCITED ABOUT THEM ALL!!!! Big Mac and Applejack are just the same as their blind bag counterparts, so nothing special for them. Though since big mac is kind of uncommon I guess he

is special to some of you. He is to me too but seeing as i bought one of him this morning without knowing I would get him now he doesn't have that WOW factor. What I'm really after is Granny Smith.

Granny Smith is awesome!!! She has to be the coolest vinyl molded toy they have come up with! Honestly I still think Gilda LOOKS cooler, but Granny Smith with her walker is just awesome. The details are wonderful, you can see an axel cap

in the wheels, and the tennis balls are the perfect green, sadly i thought there were attempts to create lines on them too, but there weren't, it was just glare. Whats awesome is Granny Smith is 100% custom, this mold really couldnt be

used for anything else and that makes her special to me. Her walker is actually more detailed then you think, including looped "handles" under her hooves. And her neckerchief has apples painted on it. Mine look more like tomatoes or

strawberries, but they are still pretty cool with how small it is, even including the white lace on the edge.


As you may have noticed, the sets above have a backdrop for each, this is because the packages come with these backdrops, folded flat but with creases so they can stand! at first i just thought they were packing material but then I saw

they were folded, and these folds hid some characters and printing underneath!

and hey! they even come with a demented flying scootaloo monster!


The Crystal Empire Rainbow pack comes with the main 6 in sparkly form and another pony named Emerald Ray, who as hasbro clearly mentions:

IS A BOY PONY!!!! My bets are on him being a character in the Crystal Ponies opener, if not BOOOOOOOOOOO (naw).

So these are just the sparkly versions of the mane 6 right? WRONG!

These sparkly mane 6 are different shades than the others! Most apparent of course is pinkie, who is red, but still, they are different, i was thining about giving away my crystal pony doubles until i noticed that. Oh well, i'll just

have to love them unconditionally for their specialness.

This set also came with a glittery sticker sheet (no twilight sticker, there is one 5 pointed star that i think might have meant to be it...) and a toy catalog with a small poster about the wedding on the back and a spot for you to write

your name on a wedding invitation.

but the catalog does confirm a white Fashion Style Celestia!

PHEW!!!!! THERE IS MY REVIEW! That took a long time. And since this is in Notepad right now I have to upload all of those pictures and replace my placeholder text with URLs, I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT AND THANKS FOR READING WHATEVER


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Happily married to Twilight Sparkle since February 15th, 2012. Pinkie Pie was my best man. (unorthodox weddings FTW)
Lyra is senile, it's canon.
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Post by Derpy Hooves on Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:28 am


Oops! I slipped! I'm sorry everyone... I won't do it again.


Happily married to Twilight Sparkle since February 15th, 2012. Pinkie Pie was my best man. (unorthodox weddings FTW)
Lyra is senile, it's canon.
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