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Game Dev, Maps, City Side (WIP)

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Game Dev, Maps, City Side (WIP)

Post by ILM126 on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:22 am

Well... I have been working on a game with my friends for the past month or so, so this is a very new game, we haven't done much about the programming and such. But the models of the weapons are coming along and the test maps are well under way of testing in July or so.

I'm a currently a map maker, using Google SketchUp Make, I slowly build the map for a gamemode I created. It's very hard work and it will take me probably around 50 or so hours to finish.

But I will post more on my dA account, which will be under the title "Game Dev | current project". More on this later....

Here's the first image I posted:


And for some reason the image is cropped, for the full image. Go to the dA page. http://ilm126.deviantart.com/art/Game-Dev-Map-City-Side-WIP-2015-02-25-516398625

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