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Comet's Poems & Stuff

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Comet's Poems & Stuff

Post by Flying Ace: Comet on Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:13 pm

So, erm, heres the first poem I've posted here. It's supposed to be more or less a mock rap.

I might not write raps like the best of ‘em.
But I believe I can write poems like the rest of ‘em.
So I put my brain to test just so that I can test ‘em.
Because they’re out messing with drugs and I’ma be laughing when they’re arrestin’ em’.
I might not be the most popular of the popular crowd.
But just because I’m low on the chain doesn’t mean my voice ain’t loud.
I might not have the kind of power you got but I’m still proud.
Because while you’re sittin there talkin’ aloud,
I’ma be sitting there doing what I like to now.
Watching you sit on your high horse and making everyone bow.
But unlike the rest I’m gonna test just how,
You react to the thought of being a cow.
You’re point in life is important and the kids can all see that.
But you mosey through life eatin’ up compliments and getting fat.
Soon or later you’re gonna drop that weight and become a rat.
When that day comes, you can believe I’ma be the cat.
Huntin’ you down and killin’ you off, sweeping you under the mat.
‘cause your old news now but you can’t see.
That’ no matter the matter you won’t be like me.
You’re bound by the chains of your actions while I am free.
Now you see that you’re just like a tree.
Roots dug deep down, piercing the soil and breaking the ground,
But holding you back from moving unlike the things around.
Staring at the things in life that unlike you, aren’t bound.
Waiting for the almighty purpose you’ve been given, to be found.
But you don’t even realize that you gave it away.
When instead of being yourself, you chose to turn away,
From the things you believed in and now your life’s this way.
Now you can see who’s laughin’ on your choppin’ day.
Flying Ace: Comet
Earth Pony

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Re: Comet's Poems & Stuff

Post by Sky Cloud on Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:37 pm

Sweetie Belle me Gusta!!
Sky Cloud
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