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Pony Wars: Transformers

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Pony Wars: Transformers

Post by WalrusM3 on Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:40 pm

In the quiet calm reaches of outer space, where all possibilities laid, two warp holes appeared through the fabrics of reality and emerged from them were two long and large space ships. As they zoomed in across the galaxy, they exchanged fire onto each other’s broadsides.

In the hull of one of the ships, a slender tall person covered by the shadows, but the red lights behind her, made out that she wore a helmet with a protruded large horn, had wings and sat upon a throne.

“Gilda, status on the enemy ship?”

“We’re just about to blow them out of space, Night Mare Moon?” replied a large bulkish figure with wings, but a silly small head.

“No, I want to suffer, fire on their engines.”

“Hey that’s not cool, they’ll be stranded all the way here,” said a spunky voice.

“That’s the idea, Rainbow Dash.”

Back outside, the larger ship fired down and blasted the back of the other one. Inside it, also concealed in the shadows, a person with perfectly balanced long hair and horn on her forehead hurried on one of the control panels and shouted across.

“Fluttershy, damage report?”

A delicate person with long sway hair and angel like wings responded. “Um, I’m afraid our engines have been destroy and we’re losing altitude.”

“Applejack, anything you can do about that?”

“I’m afraid not Twilight,” responded a woman wearing a cowboy hat. “We’re going down.”

“Oh, I really didn’t sign up for this,” moaned someone with curly hair and horn.

After a moment of silence, Twilight called out. “Fluttershy, all power to weaponry, fire on their weak point.”


The cannons on the smaller ship opened fire. With a critical hit, it tore a chunk of it the opposing ship and the two began to hurl and plummet together down to a green and blue planet. Each one crashed down next to one another, but soon as they hit into the planet’s atmosphere, they split off in completely different directions. Both of which led them to crash land on the planet.


Laid amongst a forest with knocked over trees, the ship steamed and hissed. Released from the top of it however, appeared this drone that flashed out from it two wings of energy that washed across the landscape in a complete three-hundred and six-degree rotation and then popped back down.

“Warning,” echoed an electronic voice throughout the ship. “Planet has high levels of energon. Alternative forms are required or otherwise exposure in present forms will risk termination.”

The ship hummed for a while, inside one of the rooms with a circle floor and filled with capsule-shaped pods, one of them had opened up to unveiled a pink pony with bouncy curly mane that jumped out it.

She observed her hooves for a moment and then started to bounce around. “Wow, this is so cool, look at me!”

“No it isn’t Pinkie Pie!” snarled a white unicorn with purple combed swirled hair that dropped out of her capsule pod. “We’ve gotten ourselves into a large mess here!”

“Would you please all control yourselves,” said a purple unicorn who next emerged, with black straight sway mane with a purple streak near the right side of it. “You especially, Rarity.”

“How can I. This was meant to be an exploration mission. I’m a mineralogist, where intended to discover exquisite and glamorous gems, rocks and other forms of minerals that could be transformed in fabulous jewellery. But no, Twilight, you spotted an Ecliptron ship and had to make us go after it.”

“We had to Rarity. It stole valuable data and our ship was the only one capable of pursuing it at the time.”

“All you’ve done is doom us. We’re just explorers, while they’ll be all fully trained soldiers.”

“Never mind the hindsight. What’s done is done,” said a yellowish orange pony with blonde mane and wore a cowboy hat. Beside her was a shy yellow pegasus that had her long pink mane over one eye.

“Applejack, how’s the ship doing?”

“It should be able to protect us from the high levels of energy outside, so we don’t really have to be in pony mode and I can probably get its weapons working again, but besides that, the things a complete wreck, I’m afraid we can’t get this gal moving.”

“Guess that means we’re stranded,” sighed Twilight.

“Yes,” said Rarity with a little control. “A bunch of Harmonies explorers stranded with a murderous bunch of Ecilpticons thugs who are probably on their way to terminate us.”


In a volcanic landscape, where the ground was made of ash and had streams of lava that flowered around them to look like an island, amongst it was the crash Eclipticon ship that steamed out smoke an ashes.

Over the wreckage, three dog like creatures that moved like gorillas because of their huge lanky arms and small hind legs. They also had short stubby spike tails.

Flew over it was this large griffon that cawed loudly.

On the surface, a light blue pegasus with rainbow coloured mane and tail trotted out from the ship. She observed their surroundings with a frustrated glare and made a low growl, before she face around her and shouted.

“Night Mare Moon, you moron! Not only did you have us fail to steal the data without notice and didn’t blow up the pursuers like I advised that led to us being stranded, but now we’re not sure where we are! You dare call yourself a leader.”

“I beg your pardon.” Drifted out of the shadows with venomous footsteps appeared an black alicorn with a purple mane and tail flowed like the night sky. Close to her was an oddly shaped snake like dragon with bizarre yellow red dotted eyes, horns and single fang, the rest of him and an assortment of other strange parts.

The alicorn continued to speak. “Rainbow Dash, if you really haven’t noticed, we’re on a planet with higher energon than the one that the stolen data told us of. I would have to say this is more of a triumph, we’ll have all the power we could ever want once we have obtained it.”

“A scratch of luck like that can’t excuse you for all the lame brain stupidity that makes you call yourself a traitor. Rainbow Dash! Ensue Nightmares!” Gave out a roar, Rainbow Dash form began to detach into machine parts and resemble into a humanoid machine with wings. She still had her rainbow coloured mane over her head. Half her face though was concealed by a mask and over her red visors she had goggles strapped on. She had a light-blue body by with rainbow-coloured flames streaked across them. In her left hand she wielded a chain that she whirled and in the other a steel bat. “Let’s go Night Mare Moon, just you and me, mono-o-mono.”

“Ritual combat? How droll, but I sadly have the matter of taking care of those Harmonies before they get in my way and then getting down to real matter of finding the energon, I have no time for you. Discord, I’ll let you take care of this.” Stepped out of the way, Night Mare Moon had been revealed that Discord had taken form into a winged humanoid robot as well. He had a mechanical robust chest, on top of was a maddening face much like his dragon head, but with roughly combed hair and red dotted eyes. He still had his large protruded tail and walked on his hind but much thicker hind legs. His dragon head though had became his right arm and its jaw was wide open. Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened just before Discord fired out from his dragon head a missile that struck into her and carried Rainbow Dash far off into the distance.

The dog-like creature gave hyena like snickers, while the griffon just landed on top of the ship with an unimpressed look.

Discord had returned to his dragon form, while Night Mare Moon looked up to the griffon. “Gilda, find out where those Harmonies are, I want them located so that we can turn them to scrap.”

“On it.” The Griffon then took off.


The Harmony ship had luckily landed on its emergency legs which had a saved them from a lot of damage. Lowered down by a disk platform with rows of mechanical arms attached to it, Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rarity emerged from the ship.

Jumped out before the platform hit the ground, Pinkie Pie ecstatically started to search look around. Rarity and Twilight calmly followed behind her.

Took a deep breath of the fresh air, Twilight then spoke. “Look at all this, you wanted exploring, well look we’re exploring a new land that I doubt anybots ever visited.”

“That’s great Twilight, but I wanted the exploring with ship that worked perfect and no Eclipticons.”

“Picky now aren’t we.”

“Wow, guys look over there!” shouted Pinkie Pie.

They looked over in the distance to see a herd of ponies that galloped over in the open part of the forest.

“Now that is something, I think we’ve just located the locals. I should go back in and get Fluttershy to see if she can talk to them.”

“You do that, I want to go and meet them!”

“Pinkie Pie N-!” But just as Twilight reached out to her, Pinkie Pie had dashed after them. “Oooh! There’s just no helping this team is there! Rarity, we need Fluttershy and Applejack so we can stick together, move now!”

Already galloped a couple of miles off into the distance, Pinkie Pie had caught up alongside the other ponies. “Hey my names Pinkie Pie! I like parties! Do you like parties because I’m sure we Harmonies can arrange a greeting party if you want?”

The ponies responded with eyes that nearly popped out of their sockets and loud neighs and rocketed forward. The momentum of their rush caused Pinkie Pie to spin around and come to an abrupt stop fallen on her backside.

“Wait! Was it something I said. Woah, I’m seeing funny things.” Her sight eventually recovered and she saw in front of her this large griffon that flapped her wings and looked at the pony bemused. “Wow, you’re nothing like the locals that I just met.”

“And you’re a lot dumber than the average Harmony and that’s pretty dumb.”

“Hold on, you know that we’re called Harmonies that must mean you’re an Eclipticon.”

“Ding-ding, that’s bonus points for you. I’d give you a doggy treat, but I’m afraid I would waste any on a dweep like you if I had some.”

“Is that because you’d have them all to yourself?”


“Seriously, you eat those. Like I know they look tasty and all, but they’re not really, I-.”

“You little punk!” The griffon looked ready to tear in her, but took a deep breath and said. “Look how about a game?”

“Oh boy! I like games, what are we playing, a party game I hope?”

“Yeah sure, it’s a classic game of chase, how about you come and see if you can even catch me?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Let’s go then!”

The griffon then made a retreat from the pink pony who chased after her. But it didn’t long for Gilda to fly over a small gorge. Tripped over the edge of it clumsily, Pinkie Pie rolled down it and smack into a boulder, she rolled it out of place, but not long afterwards did the boulder roll on top of one of her hind legs and made her cry out.

“Nice work Gilda, I’m pleased you’ve brought one of the Harmonies. We can use her to tell us where other Harmonies are.” Night Mare Moon appeared over the edge of the gorge with the three dog-like creatures and Discord by her side.

“All in a days work. Though I will admit that she placed that boulder on herself,” said Gilda as she landed next to the alicorn.

Paused her attempt to get the boulder off her, Pinkie Pie gave a shocked look to Gilda. “Wait you tricked me, that wasn’t very nice!”

“Of course I tricked you! I’m an Eclipticon, what did you expect! Now where are your friends?”

“Doesn’t have to tell you! Her friends are right here!” Twilight showed up on the opposite side of the gorge with the other Harmonies by her side. “What are you doing Night Mare Moon, aren’t you the leader of the Eclipticons, you’re suppose to uphold the peace between Eclipticons and Harmonies, why is it that you’ve stolen valuable data.”

“Ah yes, you must be Twilight, I’ve heard so much about you from my sister, Princess Celestia. Pleasure to meet you. But yes, suppose to as stated in the peace terms that was presented by you Harmonies, peace terms that we the Eclipticons were never happy, but stuck by them, because we waited and preyed on the day that we would rise up against the Harmonies once again and show that we, the Eclipticons are the most superior force in the known galaxy.”

“I doubt either of us know what you’re doing Night Mare Moon, but I bet we both know that it will start another war, a war that will take the spark of thousands upon thousands of bots again unless you stop this action.”

“Trust me when I say such a war won’t have nearly as much consequence when we uncover the energon on this planet and return with it to Equestria.”

“The energon on this planet is very unstable, do you have any idea what will happen if you were to gather so much and were somehow able to bring it there and use it for military purposes.”

“Yes, that I, Night Mare Moon will bring the downfall of the Harmonies and bring the new rain of the Eclipticon Empire.”

“You’re insane!”

“Am I? Well it doesn’t really matter, the time for negotiations are over, Eclipticons attack!”

“Discord! Ensue nightmares!” The dragon then transformed into his robot shape again.

“Gilda! Ensue nightmares!” The griffon screeched and shaped into a bulky large humanoid with large wings that walked on its hind lion legs and still had its talon feet, but now had a biker like helmet for a head and sturdy solid chest.

The medium sized dog creature with pointy ears growled. “Rover! Ensue nightmares!” He then transformed in a robot with pointy ears, yellow visors and had metal red jacket over his chest and wielded a large pistol in one hand.

“Fido-!” said the large one and “Spot!” spoke the small one, they then said together. “Ensue nightmares!” And transformed into similar robots to Rover, but wore brown jackets, with Spot being a lot smaller and Fido a lot bigger.

“Night Mare Moon! Ensue nightmares!” The alicorn herself transformed into an elegant but tall and firm robot form with feathered wings and a helmet over her head with horn protrude from her forehead. She walked on high-heel boots and steamed out from her back, was purple ghastly energy that was like her mane. In one hand she had a long curved sword and in the other a sleek pistol with a needle like barrel.

“Darn it, I didn’t want it to come to this, but Harmonies, prepare to fight.”

“Applejack! Harmonise!” Transformed, Applejack transformed into machine where she retained her cowboy hat and mane, but stood on cowboy boots and had blue coloured legs and brown chest. In hands she wielded a rifle and had on her belt across her waist to more pistols.

“Rarity! Harmonise!” Rarity then gracefully changed into an stylish slim white robot that retained her purple mane as well. She had a completely smooth flash where it had two holes for her purple visors to flash through and another hole for her horn. In her hands were twin miniature pistols.

“Fluttershy! Harmonise!” In her robot form now, Fluttershy’s hair was more pulled back and had wings on her. Her form was more smaller and fragile compared to everyone else’s.

“Twilight, Harmonise!” She then became a robot that had a tiara where her horn extended through and on her wrist were double barrel guns.

Now with both sides full transformed, but Pinkie Pie, who was still stuck, they began a cross fired of lasers and bullets. All the transformers went behind other boulders and rocks and continued to fire pass them.

“We’re pretty out gunned here, it’s six against four!” shouted Applejack as she reloaded her gun.

“We need to get Pinkie Pie out of there!” yelled Twilight. Right now, Pinkie Pie was behind the boulder away from the Eclipticons, but was pretty close to being shot right now by some low Eclipticons trying to at least. “Fluttershy, see if you can retrieve her.” The fellow Harmony though was huddled behind a boulder though and cling to her pistol with both hands, but her head down and trembled. “Fluttershy!”

“She’s in shock Twilight, she’s not use to this kind of action!” responded Applejack.

“Fluttershy! Get in there and help Pinkie Pie!”

“Twilight! Stop, let me go in!”

“No it needs to be Fluttershy!”

“Why does it! Why can’t it be you?” snapped Rarity, just before she turned around the boulder to fire again.

“Raagh! Fine, but cover me!”

“Twilight!” yelled Applejack.

Rushed out from cover, Twilight belted it towards Fluttershy. But on her way, she was shot by Night Mare Moon’s firearm. It had struck her left leg and caused her to fumble across the dirt and slam up against the boulder that Pinkie Pie was over.

“Twilight!” screamed Pinkie Pie.

Soon as she held up Twilight’s head to see if she was alright, the girl murmured. “Hey-ya Pinkie Pie, we going to another part already?”

“There leader is down! Eclipticons fini-!” A jolt of purple vibrant energy wrapped around Night Mare Moon. Soon all the Eclipticons were consumed by purple vibrant energies that stunned them and placed a halt to their fire.

“Be-ast mo-de!” cringed Night Mare Moon, she then reverted back into her alicorn form.

“Beast mode!” spoke the rest of the Eclipticons and all of them changed back into their beast forms.

Still in their robot forms however, Applejack cried out. “Harmonies keep up your fire on them!”

Snarled now that only the Harmonies were firing on them, Night Mare Moon shouted out. “Eclipticons retreated!”

Did so, the evil side ran and flew away from the attack and left the area.

Before the Harmonies could cheer, they to became consumed in vibrant energy and shouted out. “Pony mode.” Everyone then returned to their pony forms.

“We seem to have not been able to have stayed in our actual forms for long,” said Rarity.

“Just wait, soon as we become more accustomed to the place, we’ll get more resistant and able to stay in robot form for longer, it can also depend on the level of energon,” replied Applejack.

“Hey guys, could we get some help here?” asked Twilight, conscious again, but her leg still hurt.

Author's comments: As you can see, I decided to do Beast war crossover next. Kind of funny seeing as its crossing over two counterpart Hasbro universes, generally transformers and My little pony. But yeah I've got people like Discord on the Eclipticon side, which you're probably all wondering why. Well I needed someone competent, manipulative and devious, Trixe wasn't good enough and I wanted it to be a non-pony. Don't worry though, Discord will drift off to become more independent and treacherous towards his own side, soon becoming third side, just dominated and pulled back into Night Mare Moon's a couple of times.
For those who recognise, it is a replica of the very first Beast war episode with some minor changes. Just that I like to keep original ideas, for my original work, but don't worry, everynow and gain I'll do some original chapters and so on again. Hope you all enjoy though.

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