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Cold Hearted (Permafrost Fanfic)

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Cold Hearted (Permafrost Fanfic)

Post by Permafrost on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:10 pm

Now,I would like to start by saying 2 things...1.I am still working on Equestria Tyranny,but I feel the need to give my OC his proper background story...2.His story is sad...he has a background that was based on mine,but I had to make it worse to explain some things...I'm sorry Permafrost...you will always be special to me...

Chapter 1:Childhood-teenage years
Permafrost was you when his parents left him. He couldn't control his ice magic at a young age and was left in the hands of the unforgivable world. He was allowec to go to school out of sympathy from the teachers,but was made fun of by most of the rest of his peers.They called him ice head and Permaloser...he was alone. Few left him alone and none stood up for him. He did have a crush on a mare by the name of Diamond Mint all through his school career. He never built up the courage to ask her out,the closest he got he ran away out of fear of rejection. In his final year of school he wanted to impress Diamond Mint with making it slowly snow during an assembly. He tried and tried for weeks but couldn't get it to snow. The assembly happened and there he was in front of his class,failing at his accomplishment. The crowd started chanting "Permaloser the blank flank." Permafrost couldn't take the pain from the words any longer and made a blizzard,nearly wiping out the school. He looked back one last time at Diamond Mint. He saw fear in her eyes. He couldn't live around her knowing he could harm her,so he ran out of the building. He ran all the way to Princess Celestia and asked to be put on the moon so he couldn't cause anymore harm. She just looked at him kindly and gave him a room to stay in,and asked him to write about how he felt. He wrote and wrote for days with minimal grass and water. He was finally done with about 25 pages front and back of his pain and suffering. He brought the papers to Celestia,going through the piles of paper wads everywhere. She told him to look at his body before he said anything. He finally had his cutie mark. Celestia offered Permafrost a small house just on the outskirts of Canterlot,and was given the job of a writer and was told to test his other talents

Chapter 2:Adult life so far
Permafrost worked in books for a couple years,and soon found he had a talent for drawing. None of his books were ever published but he kept writing and drawing,sometimes teleporting to Celestia's castle every now and then for supplies,conversation,etc. He longed for the day he could talk to other ponies but couldn't bring himself to.He finally after years went to canterlot on hoof with a snow cloud following him. Nopony recognized him from thier days of school,which was a relief to Permafrost. He walked around and seen a familiar face. The love he lost long ago,Diamond Mint,was talking with some other mares about something called "The Grand Galloping Gala." He asked Celestia about it when he made it to her castle. She said it was simply a horrible,boring ball where high-class ponies meet. This gave Permafrost an idea. He was going to try redeeming what he did in school before,but would succeed from his new magic experience. He begged and pleaded with Celestia and was eventually given a ticket to attend. As the day came near he prepared,but something strange was going on. Ever since he seen her,Diamond Mint,again,he couldn't control his powers as well. Whenever he started to make his magic work,he screwed up. He couldn't let some failures take away his opportunity,so he went to the Gala even with his failures. He was allowed onstage as soon as he arrived. His life was finally looking up. He looked down into the crowd of eyes,finally meeting eyes with his lost love. He tried a couple times and nothing happened. "Permaloser" a voice said in the crowd. "Oh,yea,Permaloser. Still the same as always." said another. Permafrost looked into the crowd,frantically meeting eyes once again with Diamond Mint. He looked and was afraid of what he saw. Fear. His lost love feared him. He quickly left,about half the crowd cheering "Permaloser" behind him.

Chapter 3:The pain that lasts
After that day,Permafrost left everything in Canterlot behind. He knew he could never be loved by those who feared him and he wanted to start over. He trotted away until he came to the town of ponyville. He seen happy faces and was relieved to see he was welcome. He couldn't trust them out of fear his past would be repeated. He lives now on the outskirts,entering town every now and then for shopping and such. He soon seen Diamond Mint come to Ponyville,rumors saying she was looking for a life away from Canterlot. He avoided her,knowing he couldn't be with her. She one day came by his outskirted home,saying she was looking for a pony by the name of Permafrost. He just stood there,staring at her,holding back his tears. She left a note,saying she was sorry for everything.
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Re: Cold Hearted (Permafrost Fanfic)

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:22 am

No wonder Frost is such a dick to people


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