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Vivacio (Pegasus)

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Vivacio (Pegasus)

Post by Fluttershy on Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:22 pm

Character Name: Vivacio

Character Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus

Cutie mark: Paper with a meteor speeding towards something drawn on it. A pencil hangs just above the paper

Appearance: Light brown coat, Dark brown mane, Dark brown eyes and Taller than the average pony (A head away from Celestia Edit: Vivacio is now even Taller than Celestia because of reasons.) He is also very furry. His chest is very fluffy and his hooves have a small trail of fur.
(Here are some pictures in case I wasn't detailed enough)



Personality : Starts off very tough and bold to new ponies he meets, eventually showing his soft side as time goes by. He is very understanding and helps his friends get through anything he can, even going out of his own way to help. He gets carried away, sometimes, saying things he may not mean or even say too much of what he thinks, causing him to get embarrassed and hide his face behind his mane.

History: Vivacio grew up in Canterlot, living on the streets as a homeless foal. He searched for a family to take him in, but other ponies rejected him (Going for the snobby rich ponies thing and such) One day, he was searching through town, looking for food that ponies may have thrown away. Princess Luna was trotting around town and noticed Vivacio desperately searching for food. Luna took Vivacio under her wing and took her back to Canterlot castle to make him her student, as an excuse to give him a home. Throughout the years, Vivacio was privately tutored by Luna and graduated college. He got a job as an magic alchemist, eventually studying magic and how it's origins. He eventually moved to Ponyville, hearing that it lives near the everfree forest and that everyone is much kinder there than in Canterlot. He lives just outside of ponyville, however. (I aslo created a reason for why Vivacio was so tall. His study in magical alchemy made him find out that Alicorn's were born through magical infusions form normal ponies and that they emit a small aura of magic unable to be seen by the naked eye. Because of him being so close with Luna all the time, the magic rubbed off onto his body, making him gain some of the characteristic of an Alicorn, such as: Their height, their strength, their endurance and even has a tolerance against magic spells.)
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