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The monster

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The monster

Post by Crona The Critic on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:53 am

The pain you accept is without compare,
the tears you weep you take without a bat of the eye.

So much pain that you accept into your life,
yet happiness is something that you keep out.

The boy who kept you from taking your life may of been a savior,
but now he is a scourge.

Eating away at your life bit by bit,
he attempts to ruin your life.

The love for you keep for him is unconventional,
not wanting anything in return.

But with everything that happens,
you do recieve something.

Countless pain he gives to you,
and you accept it all.

Now a scourge,
he absorbs your happiness.

Even when you loved him,
he decided to find another love.

His actions are evil beyond words,
his heart black as the night.

If he cannot see how amazing you are,
ignorance blinds his eyes.

You try so hard to make things right,
yet he continues to yell.

He calls you a degenerating little fuck as he tries to use his illness to his advantage,
and he feels the need to try to bring you down with him.

All you do is try to protect the friendship you once kept,
but he takes everything in stride.

The one you once loved has changed into a monster,
a monster who is out to destroy you.

The sooner you realize he is pure evil,
the happier you will be.

I want to take the pain he gives you and nuture your heart back to health,
as he clearly does not.

If his friendship with you is not important to him,
then let it die.

For if he decides to break your heart,
I will be here to sew it back together.

I love you with all of my heart,
and I wish you the best of luck.

Please get better not only for me,
but for you as well.

Seeing you in pain is enough to bring me to tears,
even though I know your pain is much worse.

Kelvin does not deserve you Alex,
and you deserve it.

One day... I hope you see understand this.
Crona The Critic
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