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Paranoia in my mind

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Paranoia in my mind

Post by Crona The Critic on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:52 am

The ignorance in my heart has been reaveled,
extreme paranoia plauging my mind.

My heart may beat for you,
but fear runs with it.

With the paraoia enfusing its self in my mind,
thoughts of pain come with it.

Your voice says you love me,
yet my mind drifts to dark thoughts.

I see you in my mind ripping my heart to shreds,
yet you are the person who fixed it.

The fear of my heart breaking once again brings me to tears,
but I never want to leave you.

I want to be with you forever,
but I am truly scared.

I trust you with all of my heart,
but I never want to lose you.

For it is not you I am afraid of,
but the fear of pain its self.

The stupid mistake that occured is regretted,
as I wanted to wait for a special time.

Alas, the chance of that happening has long vanished,
leaving me with uncertainty.

As I wait to hear your sweet voice again,
I also fear it's soothing touch.

For if you drop me out of your life,
I will be plunged into despair.

No other words can be said than...
I love you.
Crona The Critic
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