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OC:Stormy Dasher

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OC:Stormy Dasher

Post by StormyDasherGames on Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:05 pm

Charcter Name:Stormy Dasher

Character Age:15

Gender: Mare

Species: Pegasus Pony

Cutie mark: A bolt with a pencil

Appearance:Coming Soon!

Personality : Shes a hard headed,sweet,kind,and dishonest mare.She usally lies to get her way.She is not very fond of dresses.She has huge anger issues

History:She was a orpan once intil her aunt and uncle found her.She has friends younger than her.During her childhood she was bullied by a few colts.She didn't really remember their names much.
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Character List:
Name: StormyDasher
Sex: Mare/Female
Species: Pegasus Pony

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