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[GRIMDARK] Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons Discussion

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Re: [GRIMDARK] Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons Discussion

Post by IncoherentOrange on Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:35 pm

You can make another SHIV me.

Speaking of, does anyone want to have members of my Pokémon White Version 2 party named after them for shiggles? I've got:

Drifblim, Haxorus, Stoutland, Ampharos, and Lucario. If someone wants to be Serperior of Unfezant, they can.


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Re: [GRIMDARK] Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons Discussion

Post by Icy Shake on Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:01 am

Caoimhe wrote:
CamoBadger wrote:
And this is why dead ponies should stay dead.

"She was raped by an entire raider gang, killed a room full of foals, and died in one of the worst ways imaginable as her body slowly broke down from taint and radiation...WE SHOULD BRING HER BACK TO LIFE!"

Yes, I do have serious issues with Glory's logic at this point.

Oooh, controversial.

While I disagree because STORY, you can argue that it's nature to want to do everything to save the ones you love. She was .00000000001% living at that point and with Rampage's nervous system, there was hope and a way to save her, so they did. When you look at everything that's happened since, even with all the negatives, it was worth keeping her around, even for herself.

I'm with you here. It's also worth noting that Glory was perhaps the strongest believer that life always should have a chance to go on, even if the costs are high and there's a high probability the person would never really recover--she was the vote in favor of not killing the room full of foals, after all.

CamoBadger wrote:That is true, it ended up being a good thing she stayed around, but they couldn't have known that ahead of time, so it was a pretty dumb choice for them to have made like that.

Also, it really conflicts with my beliefs on death, because if your time has come then that's it, it's over. Giving one pony a second chance to live like that is incredibly selfish, and I'm pretty sure the other ponies living around Hoofington might be slightly pissed off that Security was saved when their loved ones all stay dead.

I'm afraid I can't jump on board that fatalism train. While there is much to be said for dying with dignity, at the time of one's choosing. But on the other hand, I do think that if one wishes to keep going on, and it's a feasible option, then I think that it should be up to them. And Blackjack did give Glory permission to do whatever she wanted to keep her alive, short of going to Sanguine. Sure, she didn't expect it to work, but ultimately that's just another case where Blackjack and Glory did a poor job of communicating.

As for the selfishness/envy line of argument, I just don't see it that way. Look, the fact is that in their odd time of techno-magical marvels combined with extreme scarcity, amazing things can happen--once or twice. They can't save everybody, but the owners of the tech certainly have the right to use it to save whom they wish, and the It's a Wonderful Life scenario that played out is a testament not only to the generosity of those who pitched in, but to the selflessness of the mare who gave so much to them first. While certainly her renewal could inspire envy among some in the wasteland, the same could be said of any other good turn of fortune or work of charity.

Blackjack of course feels guilty about the costs she believes she imposed on her benefactors, but personally I think that's more in keeping with the fact that she feels that way about everything she is involved in than a rational line of thought.
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