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Cloudsville back up and shame filled advertising

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Cloudsville back up and shame filled advertising

Post by Nightfire on Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:20 am

Recently I been putting my time in making a forum that acts like back up for any problems with Cloudsville lots of work needs to be done but I'm proud of my work so far. Some bugs are being fixed and thugs updated by slowly it progress and I'm currently looking for someone to make a CSS layout for it. It offers 2 chats one main and others bottom of tittle which can be used for various things, a domain is going to be purchased soon as I get my card set up for it and hopefully will attract more people and more forums to board are being added currently as of now opening positions for admins and moderators as I make other site and they will be permanent positions and balance of power has been established through rules and are being added feedback would be lovely.


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