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Chaos or Order?

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Chaos or Order?

Post by Permafrost on Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:01 am

Just a story I felt needed to be written because a lot of my OCs need their background stories. So soon I'll be putting up many others,until then,please enjoy this story of Dismay.

(this is currently a work in progress,just feel the need to say)

Chapter 1:Chaotic Beginning?
"So boss,where to next?" asked Dismay. The two draconeqqi had just finished Ponyville.Dismay looked around,approving of what they accomplished.

"Wherever the clouds take us of course!" said Discord,looking at the sky through binoculars,which now had cotton candy clouds.

"Ugh,can't we just take over all of Equestria at once? Wouldn't it be faster?"

"Now Dismay,have I taught you nothing? Where is the fun in just taking over everything that quickly when it's not necessary?" asked Discord, letting go of the binoculars,which grow wings and fly into the sky.

"Hmph...whatever,just say where we gotta go next,I dont wanna be here all day!" said Dismay,making a large clock appear next to him that spins its hands off the clock.

"Well, it's about time to take out the dull rulers around here, so we are going to Canterlot of course."

"Sounds easy, though you'd think they would have noticed us by now."

"We have, and this is your one warning to stop, chaos bringers." said a voice from the sky.

The two draconeqqi looked up at the sun,a white pony with wings and a horn was descending, her eyes closed. As soon as she landed her eyes open and narrowed at the two before her.

"Well if it isn't one of the rulers...Princess Celestia." said Discord happily.

"You know you are hurting my little ponies, stop or my sister and I will be forced to make you stop!" said Celestia angrily.

"I sometimes forget how dull you can be Celestia, so boring with your Harmony and Order." smirked Discord.

"You and your...friend need to stop all of this Discord, this is your final warning." Celestia says as her wings spread and she takes flight back to Canterlot.

"Hehe, dont worry about her Dismay, just another dull pony...Dismay?" said Discord as he turned to Dismay, who was staring at where Celestia just was.

"Um...Boss...I don't think I...Want to take over anymore."

"Are you feeling alright?" asked Discord,narrowing eyes.

"Y-Yea...but...are you sure what were doing is right?"

"It sounds like your going soft Dismay. Why dont you go take a nap and see me later, I'll be taking over the rest of this harmonic nation." said Discord,turning towards Canterlot's direction.

"I...can't let you do that boss." said Dismay,appearing in front of Discord.

"Your turning against me?" asked Discord,the sky turning darker from cotton candy clouds filling the skies pouring chocolate rain. "If you want to help the ponies, I'll just make it easier for you!"

A lightning bolt that was red hit Dismay in the head, shocking his whole body and knocking him unconscious. Discord floated over Dismay's body and laughed as he went to Canterlot. Hours later, Dismay finally awoke.

"Ugh, my head...what happened?" Dismay got up on all fours and put a hoof to his head. "Boss did something to my body...My body!?" Dismay yelled, looking at his hoof, then at his new unicorn body. "Seems I still have my powers," he said,beginning to float. "Should be easy to just change back."

Dismay concentrated for several minutes, trying to turn back to his normal form to no avail. He then tried turning into another pony, which succeeded, now having pegasus wing and having different coat, mane, and tail colors. "Well...Boss is powerful..." Dismay said, turning into a red unicorn with green eyes and a grey mane and tail, his cutie mark question mark overlapping a swirly circle.

"That's weird...what happened to all the chaos?" Dismay asked,looking at the land around him,now back to normal. "Better find boss..." Dismay quickly galloped to Canterlot,being sure not to bring attention to himself from passerbys. Upon entering Canterlot, Dismay asked a mare nearby if she seen the one called Discord anywhere.

"The chaos guy?" asked the mare "He's in the statue garden now."

Dismay quickly got to the gardens after getting directions from the mare. He wandered aimlessly through the garden until he found a statue that looked familiar.

"B-Boss?" Dismay asked,putting a hoof on the statue. A tear ran down Dismay's cheek as he pulled his hoof back and curled up in front of the statue, quietly crying himself to sleep.
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