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Site Suggestions/Complaints/Etc.

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Site Suggestions/Complaints/Etc.

Post by Flying Ace: Comet on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:45 pm

Okay, so after having been apart of this site since around a week or so after it started, I have noticed the growth in members (as we pretty much all have) and have noticed our staff has grown larger to accommodate for this. Now, I wish to try to address somethings that have happened and just my thoughts on a slight change or something to that extent. Anypony else who reads this should feel free to post their thoughts and suggestions, as the site is always in need of them to help better itself.

First off, I have read the rules and noticed the lack of a warning system. Now, I believe that a version of a black-marking or warning system should be implemented so that if a rule is broken by a member, they will know, "Okay, I broke a rule and have a warning, this is what not to do again." This sort of seemed quite basic to me but I see it isn't listed anywhere as being of necessity, so I thought it should be.

Second, I believe that the rule "Obey staff (admin and moderator) instructions" is quite general and gives a little too much power to admin and moderators that can be susceptible to abuse. A clearer rule should be," Listen to the commands of staff ( administrators and moderators) when a warning is being given or rules are in danger of being breached." This way, an admin or mod. can't just say," Hey, you can't speak." and it is justified by that rule. Also, the rule that states that an admin can change the rules should be immediately removed. If an admin is changing the rules, others might get confused or tangled up in the changing. I believe using," The administrator reserves the right to update these rules by popular vote of other staff members." so that it isn't just the decision of one.

Lastly, I think that administrators or moderators (which ever would be will to post at least once a week or once a month at least) should post a topic that shows if any updates occurred (they can comment on it instead of creating multiple topics when updates occur) so that the members of the site can stay up to date. These are just some thoughts of mine though, thanks for reading and please comment below!
~Comet <3

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Re: Site Suggestions/Complaints/Etc.

Post by Tia on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:47 pm

with our own domain


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Re: Site Suggestions/Complaints/Etc.

Post by Nightfire on Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:19 pm

Thanks for all the suggestions and I will first start with fixing rules.
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Re: Site Suggestions/Complaints/Etc.

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