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Comet: The Flying Ace

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Comet: The Flying Ace

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:50 pm

The whispers of the wind in her ears encouraged her to go faster. She increased her speed as she darted through the course, bolting through the rings. The two competitors of hers were close behind but she could clearly see that they were pushing themselves to the limit. The speed came almost effortlessly to her, almost as if the wind were carrying her through the course. A slight smile crept across her face as she saw the fluffy outline of the finish point. Just as she was nearing the final five rings, Silverwing darted in front of her, trying to cut her off. Comet drifted right and caught up with Silverwing. They were snout to snout as they dashed through the final ring nearing the finish point. She could feel the win coming to her as she closed in on the end, neck and neck with Silverwing. They both flew through the line with smiles on their faces. The referee pony silenced the crowd and announced, "The winner of this Pegasus race is!"...

"Comet, dear, please raise your head off the desk."
Comet unwillingly raised her head off the desk, wishing that she could be anywhere but confined to the cramped space of the dismal classroom. She looked out the window and watched as other Pegasus ponies flew gracefully through the sky and wished that she could be like them. She put her head on her hooves and daydreamed of herself whizzing through the Flight Course, topping even Rainbow Dash's time. The flew of the breeze on her mane, the air on her hooves, the blissful feeling of flight..

"Comet! I'm not going to ask again, please pay attention."
Comet was jerked back from her beautiful dream into her bland and painful life. She sat in her chair, watching the teacher as she drew diagrams and pictures to help teach her point to the class. She did this for a few hours before the bell finally rang, saving her from this prison. She left the room and proceeded outside, just waiting until she could get home and practice trying to fly. Just as she exited the building, she was surrounded by a group of ponies.

"Hey loser, still trying to figure out how to use those wings of yours? You disgrace the name you have, Comet, how could you stand to be called Comet yet you can't even fly?"

Comet was constantly being harassed by this bully, Silverwing, and his gang of ponies. It seemed as if their only meaning for existence was to ruin Comet's life and to deprive her of any chance at happiness. Comet merely stood there, trying to hold back the tears that welled in her eyes. They teased her for a while more until she dashed off, releasing a torrent of tears. She rushed to a field and laid down, crying and wishing she could fly. A little time passed before she heard the footsteps of another pony nearing her. She wiped her eyes with her hooves and looked up into the shadow that hovered over her.

"Hey there! Why are you so sad?" asked the Shadow.
"I have these wings but I can't fly and Silver wing always teases me about it. You aren't a pegasus pony, so you wouldn't understand."
"That is true. But I'm also sort of in the same boat. I can't seem to control the powers of my horn." replied the Shadow Pony.
"Really? I'm not the only one?"
"Nope, we're two in the same. What's your name friend? I'm Shadow Star."
"My name is Comet. Pleased to meet you Shadow Star"
"The pleasure is mine. So I have a proposition for you, if you hang out with me when I train my magic, you can train your flying and we could help each other out. Deal?"

To Be Continued. Any constructive criticism or thoughts please comment below (:


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Re: Comet: The Flying Ace

Post by Sky Cloud on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:53 pm

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Re: Comet: The Flying Ace

Post by Nightfire on Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:54 am

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Re: Comet: The Flying Ace

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