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Shimmer Mint (Unicorn)

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Shimmer Mint (Unicorn)

Post by Scootaloo on Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:11 pm

((Hopefully it's totally cool I can add an OC late))

Character Name: Shimmer Mint

Character Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Cutie mark: Shimmer Mint's favourite thing to do at the cottage was just being there. Being all around the trees, wind, animals, and the lake was just peaceful for her. Back home in Canterlot, she was reading through a magazine out of boredom, she came across an ad for cameras. A thought snapped in her mind,

"what if I could take a picture of all of the things that makes nature so wonderful?"

She ran downstairs to her parents and showed them the camera. They both looked at the price and shook their heads no. In defeat, Shimmer Mint nodded sadly and went back up to her room.

On her eleventh birthday, she opened up the present her parents gave her. Inside that box was the exact camera she had asked for! She jumped in the air with glee and hugged both her parents. She ran outside, put the string around her neck to keep it safe from falling and looked around for something to take a picture of. A bird flew by and landed on a tree branch. She ducked and very quietly snapped a shot of the bird. Success! Out popped a picture of the bird she took. She smiled widely at it. It made her so happy! To catch nature's beautiful sights and gifts. Out of nowhere her flank started to hurt. She looked at it and nuzzled it to calm to mild pain down. All of the sudden, a white light flashed and when her eyes made it to her flank, there was a mark there! Her cutie mark! A camera made out of clouds with a bird on it appeared.
(Picture: https://2img.net/h/i156.photobucket.com/albums/t...utieMark-1.png) (Cutie mark picture is drawn by Fluttershy).
What an amazing find! Shimmer Mint looked up at the sky and smiled. This was her destiny. Her special talent.


Personality: Unlike when she was a filly, Shimmer Mint had become more social and outgoing over time. She loves chatting with other ponies, making new friends, and being out in the town. She's pretty much always happy and cheerful, except for when it rains. Even though rain can make beautiful pictures (especially rainbows!) Shimmer Mint doesn't like the gray and gloomy look it makes the outside look. Since she's a very happy-go-lucky pony, she dislikes fighting and tries to stay away from any arguments. She just wants to the world to be peaceful and full of love. She's a very easygoing pony as well. The quotes "everything happens for a reason" and "that's the way the cookie crumbles" both appeal to her attitude and way of thinking. She just takes life as it goes and doesn't plan or rush things. She's more like a girl next door kind of mare. Just enjoying the simple things in life and being kind to everyone. Spreading peace and smilies is the best policy!
However, she knows how to stand up for herself and friends and won't be afraid to defend them if needed.

History: Shimmer Mint was born and raised in Canterlot in a family of five. Her mother, father, and two younger siblings (a brother and a sister). Her family life was good. She got along with every member of her family and loved them all so much. When she was a young filly, she was always fascinated by nature. She loved the trees, she loved the animals, she loved the fresh air...She loved all of it! When she was young, she never noticed how much of nature Canterlot was missing. Just house after house, limos after limos. This was daily life to her and it wasn't all that special.

When she was in school, she was very shy. She didn't like being the center of attention, she didn't like participating in class, and she didn't like to hang out with friends. She would rather play with her animal toys and dolls. Her family noticed this and thought of ways to fix this. When she was around the age of ten, her parents bought a little lakeside cottage in Ponyville. They thought the family could use a vacation spot and maybe "living" in two places could help Shimmer Mint get out and socialize more. Shimmer Mint and her family went up there every weekend and in the summer, for weeks on end. There was swimming, hikes, campfires, and Shimmer's favourite part, a little pet chipmunk that she named Chippy. She spent eight years at the cottage, enjoying her time there. With her trusty camera by her side, she captured wonderul memories up there.
When she turned eighteen, her and her parents both new that it was time for her to get a job and move out to move on with her life. As sad as that was, it needed to be done. Shimmer Mint decided to move to Ponyville, the town she had always treasured, ever since she was a filly. So she's planning on buying a little cottage on a lake (much like her old family cottage) and deciding to set up a photography studio in the backroom to start up a business selling photos she takes.

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Character List:
Name: Shimmer Mint
Sex: Female
Species: Unicorn

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