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Very random

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Very random

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:22 am

I put this here so i can add it to my ipod so i can fix it and type more you can read it if you want but it never will be release because it's over used but i read it for myself.

In earlier times in Equestria Celestia and Luna had a brother called Bubbles he was possessed a dark evil spirit that couldn’t be destroyed no matter what they tried. He posed as a threat to everyone so for his and everyone’s safety he was banished to the moon never to be heard of again until 50 years later a little of the dark spirit leaked out of him the power was so great he created a crater in the moon so large that it could be seen on earth. The evil spirit teleported him back to earth fixing the leak of the evil that happened. By this time Bubbles passed out for a good 5 hours once he awoken he was greeted by a friendly face as he slowly rises he feels something he never felt before … comfort. “Where am I” Bubbles said a sweet voice replied “in a safe place” by this time Bubbles saw the environment he was in; it was a small room with hospital beds he was interrupted by the person “you should get some rest you aren’t in best shape by the way my name is Nurse Redheart”


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