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Why am I so cursed

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Why am I so cursed

Post by Crona The Critic on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:49 am

From birth, the world has attacked me.

Giving me abusive parents, kidnapping me, rape.

Relentless agony pains my heart, always threatening to put me into a pit of depression.

Once I became older, love became an option in my life.

I sought love to bring me comfort, but with the horrible agony, it only brought more pain.

Constant heartbreak made me bitter, made me hate to be alive.

And then, in the year of 2011, I snapped.

Every fiber of my defenses in my heart broke, spiraling me into a depression.

I sat in the pit of despair for months, never thinking I would find a way out.

And suddenly, a ray of light appeared into my life, destroying my depression.

I feared the Earth was trying to attack me again, as it has always done.

But, I put aside these fears as I thought I had finally found true happiness.

But with happiness comes great pains.

Once we became a couple, every problem within me shown once again.

I give my heart to anyone who will take it, and I gave her my entire being.

Now, she is bored of me and it is tearing us apart.

What is wrong with me?

What did I do wrong to make her think this way?

I try as hard as I can to be wonderful to her, to make her love herself.

In return, she gets bored of me.

She talks about how she wants her past back completely, and that past does not involve me.

The pain that is now in my heart is dragging me down, down to the darkest pits.

The happiness I had when I played xbox disappeared when I read the note she gave me.

I am now shown how much of a horrible person I am.

I cannot experience happiness in this world.

Months ago, I came to the conclusion that I would be forever alone.

And now I fear that my heart will be broken once again.

And if it is broken a 16th time, I fear for my being.

I must stay out of reach of anything sharp, for I fear of my intentions.

I do not wish to hurt myself, but the world is forcing these problems on me.

I love Alex with all of my heart... and because of that, we are being torn apart.

I hate myself. I hate how I am. I hate how I love everything.

I want to be a normal guy. I want to be able to keep a relationship.



What the hell is wrong with me.
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