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Dragonball Pony!

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Dragonball Pony!

Post by WalrusM3 on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:05 pm

Remembered how Dragonball Z actually got me into writing and that I'm doing My little Pony Friendship is magic fanfics, I've decided to make a re-image of the entire thing, up to the end of the Frieza saga, which will of course be renamed. Though remember, this is my re-imaging of this, there could well be a lot of things any reader might disagree about. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading anyways and found it a great idea as I did.
To note that I started from Z, due to the fact I started watching the series in Britain and Z is what got me into it and I know it better than Dragonball.


Levitated above the air, her legs folded under the air, her eyes tightly shut and twitched every now, light blue pegasi was locked in concentration and focus as she was in meditation.

In her thoughts she spoke. Just wait, Twilight, I’m about to gain access to a whole new technique, one that will blow you away literally and then I’ll be the strongest and most importantly, fastest pony on the whole world and nothing will stop me ruling over it.

Shot into her mind suddenly, the pegasi was overwhelmed by this strong presence she felt that it threw her out of her meditation. Looked up into the sky with her eyes pulled back in disbelief, she saw this comet-like object fly over the horizon.

No way, she said inside her thoughts, that’s impossible- that thing up there- it-it’s like it’s twice times as powerful as me and Twilight put together. That can’t be, I’ve never felt anything like that before, ever!

She then watched as the object hurdled over into a farm nearby and caused an explosion that swept a tide of impact so far over miles it hit back against the pegasi and almost knocked her out of the air.

I’m going to have to see what that is, even though I don’t want to, but hopefully my minds just playing tricks on me because of a blow to the head Twilight gave me. Yeah that’s got to be it!

Aimed herself, the pegasi then burst forward and changed into a rainbow-coloured comet that rushed towards the site.


Hurried over to his fields, the farmer pony was flabbergasted at the huge crate in the crops and saw a grey-white chariot rest in the centre. Climbed out from it, was a dark purple pony with a ridiculous amount of dark green dyed hair, he wore an odd black solid elastic material harness and strange device that held a rectangle lens over his right eye. Most of all that shocked the farmer about him, was the horn that extended from his forehead.

“Howdy,” said unicorn mockingly.

“Wh-what the heck are you?”

“Honestly, is that how you speak to someone of my kind?”

“What do you mean, I asked what the heck are you?”

“You really don’t know what I am? How disappointing, apparently she hasn’t succeeded on doing a good job. Ah well this land looks really remote and would’ve just been a waste of her time.”

“What are you on about?”

“Might as well save her the trouble of ever having to come here.”

His eyes then glowed and shot out from them were beams of light that struck through the farmer and caused him to fall back dead against the ground.

Watched with unremorse, his scouter, which was unaffected by the beam fired through it, came up with yellow pieces of alien text that constantly shifted for a moment before they became fixed on something for the unicorn to read from. “Huh? Three-hundred ninety-seven, I take it this must be Twilight’s. She’s coming to great me, oh so wonderful.”

A rainbow-coloured comet slammed in front of him that shortly disappeared and revealed a light blue pegasi who stood boldly before him.

“Huh? Now this is strange, not only are you a Pegasi, but you’re a fighter that’s gotten this strong when Twilight was designated to this continent. You should be well dead or has Twilight decided to recruit help, please say she’s recruited help.”

“Wait-wait, go back to the part about me being a Pegasi? You saying I’m a Pegasi?”

“Well duh, you’ve got wings don’t you? Unless you randomly grew them at some point in your worthless life that makes you a Pegasi.”

“A Pegasi? I always wondered what I was in my life, now I know what. But not go back to the bit about Twilight, you know Twilight or something?”

“Well again duh, we both have horns on our heads, we’re both- you know why am I even answering this to all of you. You should be the one answering me!”

“I guess because you answered my questions, I can answer yours.”

“Very kind of you and very smart as well. What is Twilight’s status on this continent and do you have a count of how many lives she’s taken, please tell me you have a count?”

“I have no idea what you mean by status, but the number of lives she’s taken, yeah I have an exact count of lives she’s taken, it’s pretty each to remember, it’s zero.”

“What! Zero! Th-that can’t be right! This doesn’t make sense! Make a re-! Gah!”

“You should chill down for a second.”

“Grr, looks like I’ll have to conquer this worthless continent myself while I’m here and while I do that find out what Twilights been doing here.”

“Hold on. My name’s Rainbow dash and if any ones going to take over this world, it’s going to be me and me alone, because I’m the strongest and fastest here. You’re free to sign up as a sectary though, I’ll be sort of need one when people give me all their grovelling pleas.”

“Heh, cute, but my name’s Dawnshade and because you were the strongest and fastest, I’ll show you whose overtaken that right to rule this continent.”

The unicorn then vanished from sight and the next thing Rainbow dash knew, she was bucked in the side of the neck and was flung miles back until she crashed into a mountain that toppled over her.

“This place provides no challenge, so it strikes out the possibility that Twilight could’ve gotten her ass handed by all of them.” His horn then lit with a purple light that extended over his scouter and activated again to a specific point. “There are a pick pocket of beings that are stronger than I’d thought there’d be, but let’s try out the place where two of them are. One with a power left of two-hundred-and-seven and a second one which is four-hundred and seventeen.”

He then built up a large aura around him and propelled into the air.

Stormed out from the rocks, Rainbow Dash staggered for a moment and stared towards where Dawnshade went. Her teeth were grinded, her eyes focus intensely and an aura built up around her and she pursued him.


On the remote farm, an old lady car carried a bucket full of apples back to her lovely cottage home. She was startled though when a pink pony dropped from behind and screamed, “Hi Granny Smith!”

“Yikes!” Screamed the old pony and dropped her bucket of apples. “Pinkie Pie! What are you doing jumping on me like that?”

“Sorry! I’m so excited! Twilight’s going to be here! And she’s got something to tell us! It’s been so long! So long! So long since we trained together and it’s been far too long since we last met one another! I can’t wait for the surprise she’s got to tell us!”

“Wow, she seems to have asked everyone to meet up here,” said a reddish purple pony with light purple and pink hair.

“Cheerlie!” screamed Pinkie and dashed over to hug and squeeze the other her.

“Didn’t tell me!”

“Pinkie Pie- I know you’re glad to see me- but remember I’m not a fighter and therefore you’re a lot stronger than I am.”

“Oh sorry, I’m just really glad to see that everyone’s here!”

“So am I!” said a new voice.

They saw levitated down from the sky, a purple pony with a horn on her forehead and long black and purple hair that everyone was happy to see.


“Hi guys.”

An owl was beside her that floated down with her.

“You brought Owloysius to!” shouted Pinkie Pie

“Yeah, he wanted to see you guys as well after so long.”

Pinkie Pie then tried to swipe Owloysius for a hug, but the owl had managed to fly over her in time.

“What’s this about a surprise I’m just only now hear anyways, Twilight?” asked Granny Smith.

“Oh, sorry for not mentioning Granny Smith, I guess I sort of got caught up in all the excitement that I forgot to mention you that we were all coming.”

“Well, we’re here now, let’s see this surprise you have?” asked Cheerlie.

“Come on out Spike?”

Slowly creep out from behind Twilight’s hind appeared a small purple baby dragon with green hair, shyly walked out. He was about to slowly appear fully out from behind Twilight, but suddenly, Pinkie Pie appeared in his face.

“Aw! So cute! It’s a baby dragon!”

Spike swished back behind Twilight.

“Never change do you, Pinkie Pie?”

Pinkie Pie however didn’t listen and tried to circle around to see Spike again, but the baby dragon kept on the move away from Pinkie Pie. They soon ran around Twilight in circles.

“Aw, he’s so shy isn’t he?” said Cheerlie.

“Minds me of my grandchildren.”

“May I ask where you got this little guy?”

“I just found this egg all by itself on the mountains; I passed it a few times. But when it became apparent it was abandoned, I decided to look after it and a few days more, it hatched and that’s when I met Spike.”

“Come here little guy, I just want to pinch those cheeks!”

“Would you stop pestering the poor fellow!” snapped Granny Smith.

“You’d think I’d find this moment really adorable,” said a voice. All four ponies and the baby dragon looked up and saw levitated in the air, Dawnshade. “But really it just makes my stomach churn.”

“What the, does that pony- have a horn?” asked Cheerlie.

“No way,” said Twilight.

“Really? You’re brought here to this continent, Twilight and I find you’re actually having laughs and hugs with some Earth ponies?”

“Spike get behind me, I have a bad feeling about this guy,” whispered Twilight. “What are you talking about! Who are you?”

“I’d expect more courtesy from another unicorn. But because it’s fair that you don’t know who I am. I am Dawnshade. A unicorn warrior.”


“Huh, what do you mean unicorn? Are you meaning to tell me the reason why I’m not before I near extinct race that you should be ruling over is because you don’t realise you’re a unicorn?”

“I honestly have no clue to what you’re talking about, why would I even rule over fellow ponies?”

“Well duh, you’re a unicorn and should be proud of finding out that you’re apart the superior race as that’s why you were sent on your mission just after our empires untimely own near extinction.”

“Wait, back up, I’m not getting all this?”

“To put it more simply, you were sent here to conquer in name of the Unicorn Empire. But after you were sent, our home continent was met with an unfortunate catastrophic natural disaster that left only a very, very few unicorns still alive.”

“Wait.” A lot of things rushed through Twilights head at the moment. So many questions and confusions. It all centred around one thing, when her foster Father found her. She remembered what a spoiled and rebellious pony she was, until he accidently slipped her out on a walk and she bumped her head. After that she had seemed so friendly and grew up to be who she was. “You mean to tell me I was sent on a mission from an Empire I was born from to conquer a continent all by myself as an infant.”

“Of course. You see, we unicorns are born with usual aggression and need to dominate other pony races, it’s in our blood.”

“But as an infant? Sort of young don’t you think?” asked Cherliee.”

“Not at all. We unicorns find it fun sending our infants to our race’s home continents before we expand our Empire, because usually, just one of our infants is ten times stronger than any of their warriors, so you could be surprised at how it’s easy to just sit back and watch and see the chaos happen.”

“Guess you didn’t count on someone like my Foster Father then, who was pretty strong before he passed.”

“I really don’t know who you’re talking about. I’m not even getting into this anymore until I know what you’re going to do.”

“I don’t know what you mean. But it sounds like there’d be no point on this selfish act that I was intended to make and you have no place to go anymore. So I welcome you to stay here on this continent, so long as you intend no harm.”

“Hahaha! Speaking like ruler already, to bad not a true unicorn one. But you see, there still is a point. We unicorns plan on reclaiming our Empire, regardless how few of us there are, after all we can repopulate.”

“Um, you’re not suggesting...”

“Come on, you’re a female unicorn, I’m a male unicorn, you should know enough about what happens when two get together or at least know where babies come from.”

“Yeah I know, but there’s no way I’m being with someone as disgusting as you.”

Dawnshade had then place on one heck of an ugly frown on his face for a moment. “How about we move onto that after we’ve talked about catching up on the work you’ve been slacking.”

“No, I’m not going to reveal some awful empire of unicorns, so you may as well leave before I make you.”

“How sad, guess I’m going to have to resort to making you help us.”

Before Twilight, could ask, Dawnshade vanished. He then reappeared right next to her and bucked her with one hoof and knocked her through one of the fences.

“You big meanie!” screamed Pinkie Pie.

She tried to chop him with her hand, but Dawnshade vanished again and reappeared right next to her and delivered a double hoof kick to her. Pinkie Pie then ploughed against the earth and left a trail of dug up land as she scattered.

The owl then tried to swoop in to attack the unicorn, but he simply moved his head and fired beams from his eyes that struck it down.

Before Spike could then run to Granny Smith and Cherliee, dark purple light appeared over him and he was pulled off his feet. He was then in the sky up next to Dawnshade.

“Hey! Put him down!” yelled Cherliee.

“I’m taking the baby dragon as a persuasive reinforcement hostage. You see, if Twilight doesn’t take a hundred lives, something that should be rather trivial to do for a unicorn, and have all their bodies here within twenty-four hours, then there’s going to be rather grave consequences, one which will involve me taking the lives myself, starting with this thing!”

“Help, Twilight!” shouted Spike.

“I’m coming!” Twilight was still in the middle of getting back to her hooves however.

The two were then covered in a single aura and vanished off into a comet that trailed away.


“Twilight, hold steady, I’ll see what I can do about those wounds,” said Cherliee as she ran over to her and started to inspect her.

“I need to go after Spike!”

“But he’s threatening to kill him.”

“Do you really expect me to take a hundred lives?”

“Lassies got a point. I say we chase after that varmit and show him a thing or to,” said Granny Smith.

“I’m in,” responded Pinkie Pie as she limped over.

Twilight just gave a dishearten look though at them. “This isn’t going to be enough, Granny Smith, do you know when your grandchildren, Applejack and Big Mac will be back.”

“I’m afraid not for a while dear.”

Tried to think about this for a moment, Twilight was only able to make a disgruntled and sound and say. “We won’t even be able to get Rarity, so we’ll just have to make do with this.”

“You honestly tell me that you’re going into battle with some old hag, an injured pony and one, who I bet still can’t fight.”

They looked up and all of them gave frozen petrified faces, with only Pinkie Pie able to shout.

“It’s Rainbow Dash!”

“Please don’t say you’ve came here to fight, Rainbow Das, not now,” said Twilight.

“I should probably take that as an insult, but I’ll just brush it aside for now. Right now, we both have a common enemy.”

“You’re not talking about that meanie, Dawnshade? Aren’t you like on the same side?” questioned Pinkie Pie.

“He wants to rule over this place, I want to rule over this place, doesn’t really work when you put the two together and I even doubt he’ll want to share, being that I don’t want to either. But because he’s so much stronger and faster than me, which isn’t right by the way, I can see whose going to get his way in the end. So because you also dislike him Twilight, but your odds don’t look any better alone-.”

“You figure we may as well team together.”

“Yeah, think about it, you and me, two strongest fighters around teaming up to fight that guy.”

“I don’t know. He seems like he’d be still more powerful, even with us both combined.”

“Uh, well it’s the best we’ve got, unless you want to go back to what you had before.”

“I guess you’re right, so okay, I’ll do it, I’ll team up with you to stop Dawnshade. But so long as you remember to help save Spike as well. If he’s gone, you can forget this team-up and you’re own.”

“A bit of an unthought proposition, but fine, I’ll make sure the baby dragon isn’t hurt. However I suggest you leave your little bandwagon you got there, they’ll only be holding us back.”


“Twilight, you can’t be serious,” said Cherliee. “That’s Rainbow Dash, you can’t just go on your own.”

“I have no choice. I’m sorry to say this, but Pinkie Pie, you’re too badly hurt and Granny Smith, you’re sadly too old, you would just make it too difficult to fight if I was stuck looking out for you. Rainbow Dash at least I don’t need to look out for. But do look for Applejack and Big Mac and come after us then.”

“Okay, Twilight, we trust you as much as you trust us, so you can count on it.”

“Alright, let’s go Rainbow dash,” said Twilight levitated up to her.

“Finally, let’s go- ally.”

The two then dashed off after Dawnshade.

This left the rest of the ponies and the owl gazed after them.

“This could be bad,” said Pinkie Pie.

“No so. Rainbow Dash won’t turn on Twilight, so long as there’s a stronger foe. The two together should be a force to be reckoned with and I’m sure Dawnshade’s in for a world of hurt that he’ll regret what he’s done,” said Granny Smith strongly. “Now, let’s get my grandkids so we can join the fight as well.”


“Would you stop trying to run away from me!” screamed Dawnshade. He snatched Spike, by the tail with his teeth and carried him over to his chariot. The dragon flailed at him, but it was to no avail. “It wouldn’t even matter if you did manage to get away from me. I’d just find you again with my scouter.”

He then threw Spike into the crater and his horn glowed, which magically caused the chariot Dawnshade arrived in to flip over on top of Spike.

“That’ll keep you still so I can just get some- huh?” All of a sudden, Dawnshade’s scouter acted up and gave him a reading. “What the, that can’t be right. I know this is a dragon, but it’s a baby dragon that I was just able to drag all the way here. How is it that it has a Power level of six-hundred and thirty-seven?” He walked back over for a minute to look at the dragon that was hidden under his chariot. “Must be a malfunction with the-.” The scouter then went up once more. “Okay, this thing better be broken, because if one of these two approaching power levels are really Twilights, there’s going to be consequences.”


Flew over the sea and on towards where they followed Dawnshade’s power, Rainbow Dash and Twilight had been silent to one another.

“Mind asking what that guy was wanting with you anyways?”

“Something that I’m from Empire race that got blown up or something and I was some kind of infant first wave assault.”

“He told you that? Weird? Said I was some sort of Pegasi, because of the wings I have.”

“Doesn’t really matter what he says. This guy means business with all of us. Just hope you watch my back and you watch mine.”

“No problem. Just remember that after this, after I’ve removed this guy from the picture, its back to world domination baby.”

“Sure, whatever, back to me stopping you as well.”

“Heh, feel free to try. I have this super awesome technique I’ve almost mastered. Problem is that I intended it for you, for when we next fought, but I may have to use it on this guy, but only if it comes to it. Right now I need to build up a lot of momentum to us it and I haven’t figured out any short cuts exactly for it, so don’t count on me showing it in front of you.”

“Fine by me, I didn’t agree to this just so we could study each other’s moves.” Twilight could now tell they were close. She could see the massive crater in field. They then saw Dawnshade, who glared at them. “There he is.”

“Let’s get this over with.”

They then flew over the unicorn and stamped their hooves down right behind him from a decent distance. Both at once, they turned to face Dawnshade, where the unicorn slowly turned to face them as well.

“You know, I’m having three problems Twilight, didn’t I tell you to meet me at that crummy old place with a hundred corpses, two, why don’t I see any corpses and three, why are you here and brought a useless Pegasi.”

“Watch what you call me, bub,” responded Rainbow Dash.

“I never planned to go through with your deal, Dawnshade. Never said I would. Now where’s Spike!”

“Safe under my aircraft device that carried me here, called an air chariot, something invented by our race’s ingenuity.”

“Sounds really lame, if you ask me,” said Rainbow Dash.

“I don’t really care. I’m giving you one last chance to give me back Spike, get lost and never bother me again.”

“Oh look at the tough talk from you. I’m afraid though that isn’t happening. So I’d go back to what I told you to do, unless you really need me to beat you senselessly, during which you’ll only have wasted more time to do as I instructed.”

“Have it your way then.”

“Enough talk like I’m not here and let’s just do this thing!”

The two then charged at Dawnshade head on and attacked him with a barrage of kicks and punches. Smirked Dawnshade deflected these with his own legs and arms. He eventually parried the both their punches and then punched their hooves against their chests that fumbled them back.

“Okay, I was hoping two of us doing a head on frontal attack would be too much for him. So let’s try a fast manoeuvre!”

“Got ya.”

The two ponies then fired balls of energy from their chests that shot at Dawnshade. The unicorn however remained steady and allowed the blasts to explode harmlessly against him. He then lifted up his hind and bucked at both Twilight and Rainbow Dash that appeared behind him.

The two rolled backwards in their air, but managed to catch themselves on all four hooves against the ground in time.

“Darn it!” said Rainbow Dash.

“Don’t give up, we haven’t tried an attack from different sides yet! I’ll take left, you take right!”


Both ponies then disappeared and reappeared at Dawnshade’s flanks. They then rushed in at him, but the unicorn flew up into the air. The two ponies tried to pursue him, but Dawnshade had fired from his front hooves beams of energy that struck down at them. In desperation, Rainbow Dash and Twilight had pushed their hooves against one another and so they could spring away from each other to dodge the blasts.

The two then met up beside one another and already started to sweat and pant, while Dawnshade was totally unphased whatsoever.

“Ready to give up?”

“Looks like I’ll have no choice but to use that technique,” Rainbow Dash whispered. “But I’m going to need you to hold still steady. I forgot to mention that I haven’t worked on its accuracy either.”

“I think I can manage that, so long as you give me a warning of some sort.”

“Trust me, you’ll get a warning. By the way, I’m not retreating, it’ll be actually me building up the momentum.”


But Rainbow Dash had already burst back into a coloured-wave of rainbow colours away from the fight.

“Hahaha! Looks like the Pegasi finally came to her senses. It’s actually all you need to do Twilight, is just run away. But understanding you can’t just run from me and will need to collect a thousand corpse now.”

“I’m not sure I can find a grave that large.”

“Oh, sarcasm, not sure if I like my girls being sassy with me. Might have to make it ten thousand if this keeps going.”

“Might as well make it zero, because there’s no way I’m doing it!”

“You’re not going to make me come over there and spank you for bad behaviour am I?”

“I’ve got a better idea!” shouted Twilight, charged at him once more. “How about I come over there and smack you senselessly!”

She then unleashed another assault of punches and kicks at him, which Dawnshade was easily able to knock aside again. “You can try, but you’re not going to do any better without a Pegasi backing you up.” He elbowed Twilight’s head into the ground and gave her a stamp on her face. His horn then glowed and Twilight began to glow in a similar colour. She was then plucked off the ground and lifted her up in front of him.

“What are you doing? How is your horn glowing like that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m using magic.”


“Oh come on, you don’t know how to use magic. Its second nature to unicorn, it’s so simple that it’s like using a fifth leg and the advantages to it.”

Twilight was then hurled back.

Watched the scene from a gap underneath the chariot, Spike spotted Twilight crashed through the dirt. He then saw come into view, Dawnshade, who patiently pursued her.

“Twilight!” His voice was unheard though. “Twilight!”

“Are you still going to resist me, Twilight, or do I have to keep beating the-.” Dawnshade scouter had acted up again and he saw about to come his way, this radiant and colourful spear of energy that spun like drill right for him. “Huh? Power level roughly one-thousand four-hundred, that’s far surpasses mine and it’s still building up at an exceeding rate! I’m going to have to-!”

Before he could do anything though, a light had shined around him and he turned his eyes down to see Twilight’s horn glowing.

“Like you said, second nature, especially when you see someone else doing it.”

“Crude! I can’t get out of this!”

“Yeah, I maybe new to this, but it seems easy enough to use this spell to hold you for just long enough.”

“Please! Twilight! Don’t do this! Be merciful! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for the pain I’ve caused!”

“N-not going to help you,” stuttered Twilight.

“But you don’t understand! I’ve been so lonely and I just wanted the Unicorn to live again so that I could return us to the glorious age that we use to be so happy as! I promise! If you let me live, I-I’ll leave and not come back!”

The attack was so close now that its colour shined over both of the unicorns. “You promise?”


The glow imprisonment lifted off Dawnshade, which enabled him to jump out of the way and for the rainbow coloured attack to rocket by and collide way pass into the ground and explode out into a cataclysmic explosion that had an impact that swept all across the area, kilometres wide.

As the smoke cleared, Rainbow Dash stood in the crater caused by the attack.

“Darn it! Twilight! I almost had him with the Sonic Rain Boom! What happened! You were doing something and all of a sudden!”

“It’s alright, Rainbow Dash, Dawnshade’s-.” Just as Twilight was about to get back up, she was bucked in the face by Dawnshade. The Unicorn then open his jaw and fired out a beam that swept across and struck Rainbow Dash and ignited into an explosion.

“Y-you promised.”

“Yeah sorry, I didn’t mean to lie.” Dawnshade then started to stamp on her head. “But I really have this problem with dying. It’s actually the one thing I never liked about our old ways, about unicorns having to be proud to die in battle, I’ve always preferred to life your life to the fullest.” Just then his scouter acted up again. “Oh come on, the dragon again, power level over one-thousand-three-hundred now. I’m just going to have to ignore this thing when it comes to that dragon.”

Resumed to stomp on Twilight, there was a sudden boom sound and Dawnshade saw Spike crashed out his chariot. He was now twice his size and had a bestial look on him, sharpened teeth and talons and said in a monstrous voice.

“You leave Twilight, alone!”

“Spike?” questioned Twilight confused.

The dragon zoomed at Dawnshade and rammed into his side. The unicorn was then knocked back, his armour which absorbed the blow cracked and his face had an expression of utter surprise. He went so far back that when he hit the ground, mounds of dirt exploded in the air from the impact.

Paced angrily forward a few more steps, Spike suddenly began to simmer down and reverted back into his original form.



The baby dragon rushed over to Twilight to hold her.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well good job, I think you showed that unicorn what for.”

“He did? Did he?”

Dawnshade reappeared behind Spike and chopped his front leg into his neck. The baby dragon then fell over unconscious. Used the magic of his horn to pick Spike up over him, Dawnshade looked at the thing.

“What are you? A dragon only grows stronger, the more its greed gets the better of it and I bet you’re far too young to even be able to change. But oh well, you’ll make an excellent war beast or at least you would’ve, if you hadn’t shown how easy you would be to turn against me.”

Just before Dawnshade could lift up his right upper leg to finish him, Twilight dropped from behind and hooked her upper arms around Dawnshade’s and was able to force to him to rear helplessly.

“What are you doing?”

“Rainbow Dash, try and do that Sonic Rain Boom thing again!”

“You do realise that with you and Dawnshade like that, you’ll be struck by it? And it’ll be the end of you?”

“I think we’ve ran out of options. I’m unable to use my magic again and he’s too strong for anything else. So if we’re to defeat him, you’re going to have to just do it!”

“Fine, but you have no idea how good it’ll be to be rid of you.”

“Glad I’m doing you a favour now do it!”

The Pegasi then disappeared into a colourful rainbow that swept through the sky. It went around the sky in straight lines and changed course in sharp turns.

“You can’t be serious, you’re actually going to sacrifice yourself?”

“You said that unicorns found it a great thing to die in battle.”

“But I don’t and neither should you! Just give up this foolishness!” But as time went by with Dawnshade unable to break out, Rainbow Dash had transformed into the large cone of energy that spiralled rainbow colours around it and began to charge at them.

“Here she comes!”

“L-look, I’ll leave this place, I’ll get going! Just stop this!”

“Fool me once, shame on you, shame me twice, prepare to get a giant rainbow attack to the face!”

“I mean it! Just let me go! Please!”

With no respite, Twilight held against Dawnshade and both were struck full on by the attack. The were pushed far back by it fiercely and were slammed into the ground, where the Sonic Rain Boom gave its boom.

Once the smoke built up by it begun to clear, Rainbow Dash trotted over to where she found Dawnshade laid helpless against the ground, his armour cracked and nearly wrecked, his body bruised and battered and blood slid out from him.

“Can’t believe- this is to be my death- can’t believe that someone sacrificed herself, just to defeat me.”

“If it doesn’t make you feel any better, the group you found Twilight with are probably going to use the Orbs of harmony, which I will allow, to revive him back.”

“What? Orbs of harmony?”

“That’s right. Seven items, that if you bring them together a mystical being comes out and grants you any wish you want.”

“Seriously! And here I thought that was all just a rumour, but now that it’s true, my comrades will come to this continent and use them to revive me!”


“That’s right. This scounter isn’t just a power measuring device, it’s a communication device as well that’s been feeding back to the other two unicorn this whole time. So they’ll have heard every word you just said.” Rainbow Dash’s face was pulled back horrified at what she just heard. “Oh a guess what, both are at least five times and will be here in just a month, which means you’re all dead and I’ll be the one living it again! Hahaha!”

Gave out a vicious roar, Rainbow Dash lifted up her front right hoof and stamped down on Dawnshade, silencing him for good.


Up on an aircraft vessel that was much like a hover car, it was kind of crammed with all the ponies and the one owl in the six passenger vehicle.

“Mind telling me again why Twilight went ahead with that no good winged pony?” questioned Applejack, a pony with a cowboy hat and blonde hair.

“Cause Dawnlight had Spike and needed to go and save him,” replied Cherliee.

“I’m sure Spike would’ve been alright.”

“I guess Twilight didn’t want to risk anyone else,” said Granny Smith.

“Well that’s mighty selfish of her, to make that decision on her own.”

“How’s it selfish when she’s fighting alone to save all of us?” asked Pinkie Pie.

“The fact she chose to fight all alone!”

“Yeah, should’ve waited for us!” said a little small pony with red hair.

“You were suppose to go back home,” said a large male pony called Macintosh or otherwise known as Big Mac.

“Wait you guys!” shouted Cherliee as she flew the craft. “I think the battles over, I can see Rainbow Dash standing over that other unicorn- wait, it can’t be, is that, Twilight!”

Everyone squished up against the window and could see laid on her side was Twilight.


The air vessel came to a land and burst out first was Pinkie Pie followed by everyone else.


“We- we did it- Pinkie Pie.”

“Twilight, hold on, we’re here!” Pinkie Pie then held onto Twilight.

“I don’t think- there’s much you can do to help- me. Sort of had to sacrifice myself to stop- Dawnshade. At least you can use the Orbs of harmony to revive me- if you can.”

“Don’t worry, Twilight, we will,” said Applejack.

“Well, it looks like this is it. Sorry about this.”

Closed her eyes, Twilight was now gone from this world.

There was a deep set of emotions that coursed from everyone as they couldn’t believe what had happened to their hero and friend.

“Saved the world again, huh, Twilight,” said Cherliee.

“Not exactly,” said Rainbow Dash.

Everyone then turned to the Pegasi and immediately placed up their guards to her.

“You want to throw down after what’s just happened! Rainbow Dash!” yelled Applejack.

“That isn’t what I meant. I managed to catch Dawnshade’s last words. Apparently the device over his eye was keeping communications with other unicorns, over five times stronger than he is and heard about the Orbs of harmony and are now going to be here in just one month.”

“One month! That isn’t that far away!” panicked Applejack.

“Telling me, so I wouldn’t be wasting time making a celebration party that I’m letting you collect the Orbs of harmony to bring Twilight back. I’d prepare for the unicorn attack.”

“Thanks for the head up then.”

“No problem, by the way I’ll be taking the baby dragon if you don’t mind.” Rainbow Dash then walked on over Spike.

“What, why?”

“The dragon was the one who pulled it off for us. Did a number to Dawnshade and distracted him, so Twilight could jump on his back and hold him and I was able to come in with the Sonic Rain Boom and finish this. He did it by unlocking some sort of hidden potential, one I can hopefully train out of him, being that it’ll be useful once the unicorns arrive.”

“Not letting you take Twilight’s dragon!” shouted Pinkie Pie as she got up.

“You really want to fight about this or do you want some cooperation with this temporary alliance I’ve formed with you and trust to know what I’m doing. After all, you have to imagine the honour of being able to train with the strongest and fastest pony on the continent.” Rainbow Dash then lifted Spike by the tail with her teeth. “Be seeing ya.”

She the rocketed off into a bright rainbow streak.

“Hold on!”

“Leave it, Pinkie Pie, she’s right, we need to cooperate and I don’t know what this is about a potential power that was able to help defeat Dawnshade, but if Spike has that, then maybe Rainbow Dash can focus on pulling it out, while we get to training. Twilight was as strong as even me after all and if there’s some five times stronger than someone who could defeat her, better get down to some training.”

“Eyup,” said Macintosh.

Still frowned, Pinkie Pie looked out to where Rainbow Dash had went off with Spike. “Alright, let’s do this.”


Listened over the last transmission of Dawnshade, just before they heard his head smashed, two unicorns sat in an empty barren land and enjoyed some nice hay. One was a long stretchy tan coloured with an aquamarine mane that looked rather dumb. The other a beautiful blue female unicorn with a white mane. They both wielded armour like Dawnshade’s over them, but the long one wore black with red trimmings, while the female wore write with brown trimmings.

“It looks like we know where we’re off next,” said the blue unicorn, gotten up.

“Yep, hope Dawnshade’s grateful for what we’re about to go through for him.”

“Snail, what makes you think we’re going to do anything for Dawnshade?”

“Um, but Trixie, aren’t we going there to get those Orbs of Element thingies and revive him?”

“Don’t be so stupid, why would we waste such an all powerful wish to revive him.”

“Because he was like, one of us?”

“Dawnshade wasn’t, all he did was pretend. He’d pretend to show his pride that he was unicorn and that he was at all noble and great, but the thing was that he was just a disgrace, a coward and a buffoon. The fact that the other unicorn and pegasi killed him, saved me from doing it.”

“So why are we going there.”

“Use your imagination, Snail. With the Orbs of harmony, we could wish for anything, the return of the Unicorn Empire, wealth and even power. Oh I like that last one, infinite power, could you imagine someone like me with that?”

“Oh, yeah infinite power would be great.”

The two then got onto a pair of chariots that await them. The transportations then lifted themselves without the need of any kind of steed and propelled onwards to their destination.

“And infinite power it is.”

Author's notes: Like I said there's probably a lot of disagreements in there. For one I wasn't sure who to replace Raditz and Nappa. I was going to originally replace them both with my OC characters from my Discord's Elements of chaos story. But while I was doing it, I realised about Snails and Snips, though already deep into it, I had already replaced Raditz with Dawnlight (Who is renamed to Dawnshade), but wasn't too late for Snails to become Nappa, I already have a character in mind for Snip.
Also know what your all thinking and yes, Princess Luna would've made more sense as Piccolo, but I was running out of main roles for the six manes.
To add, because Twilight's meant to be the only unicorn on the continent (Should be planet, but I didn't want to get it too much into Sci-fi matters and retain some normal fantasy, in other words a balance) and Rarity's a Z warrior, I'm going to have to hacksaw her horn off to avoid complications, yep quite nasty of me, but it's for my art! Respect my art! If it's any constellation though, I originally had her planned as Vegeta, but decided again that Trixie made much more sense and I needed a Yamcha, yeap Rarity's going to become Yamcha.
Hope no one also minds the original touches I added just to make it feel like my own (Remember I'm not that much into Fanfics)

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Re: Dragonball Pony!

Post by WalrusM3 on Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:23 pm

“Wow, where am I?” questioned Twilight.

She found herself on top of a stone like structure platform where a great castle was before her and around it was a large network of bridges formed like snakes, yellow clouds and pink skies. She also eventually found little white clouds that moved back and forth nearby, all going in a focused direction.

“Apologies I’m late,” said this meek voice.

Twilight turned and saw before her a yellow pony with wings and pink long hair. She also wore white robes around as well.

“Fluttershy? What are you doing here? What am I doing here?”

“I’m afraid you died back on Earth and so have arrived to here, the Next dimension/”

“So wait, if I’m dead? Why am I like this?”

“Well, normally you’d lose your body and just be your soul, but due to the fact that great heroes, like yourself are treated with respect, they let you retain your physical body.”


“Yes, but we can’t let ourselves get into this, we have to go and see King Yemma.”

“Wait, before we do, I need to tell you something.”

“Is it to do with your battle with Dawnshade?”

“Uh, yes, you know about it?”

“I saw everything that was going on through Rainbow Dash,” spoke Fluttershy as she led Twilight into the building before them. “We have a connection remember, because we created the Orbs of harmony together and I was able to see what was going on through her. So I have learnt that about you being a Unicorn, me being a Pegasi and the other unicorns about to follow in his wake.”

“Wait there’s going to be another-.” Before Twilight could finish; she was startled by what she saw in front of her, was this giant red pony over ten times her size, with a fuzzy black beard and silly purple hat. Around him, about Twilight’s height, were blue and red goats in white office shirts that seemed busy at work. “What the?”

“This here is the reception desk, where it’s decided where the dead belong.”

“Hm? Fluttershy? What are you doing here?” asked the large pony.

“A good point, what are you doing here? Did you die as well?” asked Twilight.

“Oh no, I’m able to make short visits to the Next dimension. This here is King Yemma by the way,” answered Fluttershy and then focused on the large pony. “Um, Yemma, sorry for the unexpect visit, but you see two unicorns are coming to the continent I watch over and their intentions are evil and we don’t have the ability to stop them, even once, Twilight’s friends revive her.”

“What’s it to me?”

“Well um, just to answer your question, the unicorns are after the six Orbs of harmony and they intend to use them to cause evil intentions that may throw off the balance of the universe.”

“Those Orbs of harmony again, I have no idea why they exist when all they do is threaten balance themselves. But I guess there’s not much I can do about those. But what do you want me to do about this?”

“Allow Twilight to run through Snake way and go to Zecora to be trained?”

“Sigh, very well, but to me that’s just wasting time. I after all have been the only one who’s ever been able to run across Snake way, what makes you think she can? Especially in one month?”

“One month!” screamed Twilight. “That isn’t long. How much time will it take me to even get across Snake way?”

“Well, it took me two weeks and-,” said Yemma.

“Two weeks, oh my gosh! I really have to start now if I’m to get any time to train with this Zecora?”

“I’m sure you’ll make it in time to receive the training and make it back. For now I will be trying to gather who I can to help us in the upcoming battle and train them as best as I can. Rainbow Dash has also taken Spike to also train him.”

“Not sure I’m comfortable with Spike being involved, but I guess I don’t have time to talk about this.”

“Yes, you’ll need to go now before you waste anymore time,” said Fluttershy and then pointed her hoof back at one of the open doors. “That there’s Snake way. I’ll need to go back as well now.”

“Okay, thanks Fluttershy and good luck preparing everyone!” shouted Twilight dashed off.

“Good luck to you as well and hope to see you again!”

Galloped through Snake way, in a hurry to get to Zecora’s to save much time as possible, Twilight said to herself. “I’d probably get there faster if I flew.” She then sprang off her feet, but was surprised when she found herself unable to lift off and smacked back down onto the ground. She then wobbled as she slowly got back up. “Alright, don’t know what that just was, but I’m assuming this place has much different laws of physics.” She then shook her head and continued on her gallop. “I’ll just have to keep on running then if that’s the way this place wants!”


In a clothes shop inside of town, a white beautiful pony with purple hair looked underneath her the reception counter through clothes and fabrics.

“Sigh, can’t find anything in this store,” she said in a high mannered town. She then shouted out. “Sweetie Belle! Dear, Have you seen the fabrics that I recently ordered?”

“No! Sis!” shouted a white small young white pony with pink and purple hair as she tottered through the store with some materials over her.

“Oh, I just can’t find anything around her.”

“Ex-squeeze me,” said this mocking tone.

“Ouch!” yelled Rarity as she bumped her head against the counter. The furniture had been thrown off its feet and crashed back down, wrecked into pieces. “Whoops, sorry that strength of mine, how- Pinkie Pie- Cheerlie?”

“Hi, Rarity!” The two responded and jumped over to hug her.

“It’s good to see you again, but what are you doing here?”

“Yeah, what are you doing here!” shouted Sweetie Belle as jumped at them and ended up knocking everyone over.

After the recovered from that and got back up. Pinkie Pie said in her high chirpy voice. “We’re here because we need your help.”

“She’s right.”

“Well, how about you fill me in about what’s going on?”

The two then explained about Dawnshade and Twilight and Rainbow Dash stopping him. They had even told about how Dawnshade and Twilight were a race known as unicorns.

“Oh my gosh- Twilight’s gone?” asked Rarity.

“She can’t be,” said Sweetie Belle. “She was the strongest of us all.”

“She’s gone for now. But we’re going to revive her with the Orbs of harmony. Right now though we have a more serious situation,” said Cherliee. “Before Dawnshade died, he was able to make contact with two other unicorns, both supposedly over five times stronger than him and are now on their way to collect the Orbs of harmony. So what’s happening is that Fluttershy has told us that Twilight’s now on some sort of training course and preparing herself in the Next dimension.”

“Fluttershy also asked us to go to her place to special train together for the upcoming battle against the big bad unicorns,” said Pinkie Pie suddenly in Rarity’s face.

“Well, it’s been a while since I last fought and I’ve got my own business. But if it’s for the sake of the world and you really need all the help you can get, I’ll do it!”

“Awesome, my sisters going to fight again and save the world!”

“That’s not very lady like Sweetie Belle.”


“Would you guys hurry it up?” asked this small stumpy male light blue pony with buck teeth and a short mane. He carried a sword strapped over to his back. “I want to go to this super special training of Fluttershy’s now!”

“Oh my word, you brought Snip?” questioned Rarity.

“Fluttershy said she needed anyone who could fight, so we brought Snip because he can fight and he’s good at it!” replied Pinkie Pie.

“Sigh, true, Snip is a good fighter I admit that. But does he even have what it takes to go up against these crude unicorns?”

“I hope so!”

“I do and I’ll show you once the unicorns arrive. Now let’s go!”


Regained consciousness, Spike woke up. He smacked his lips together and scratched himself, before he rolled his head around see where he was. With a scream, he realised he was in the sky, high above the ground. He screamed even more when he started to plummet down.

“Please wake up! Please wake up!”

He crashed into the water, deep underneath and left an enormous splash behind him. As he was below the surface, he didn’t know how to swim and scrambled his limbs all over the place as he quickly sought to learn how to.

Quickly began to run out of breath, Spike thought this was going to be the end, until he heard something move behind him. It grabbed onto his tail with blunt teeth and swung him across the water and threw him. He quickly propelled back out of the river and landed back onto the shore.

He shivered from both the chill and the scare that ran through him. Damp and wet, he looked around him to see he was in this grassland valley that was basically out in the middle of no one and nowhere near civilisation.

Emerged out from the water behind him, appeared Rainbow Dash. “Take it you’re up yet?”

“What did you do that for?”

“To test your reaction, athletic ability and quick thinking, all of which you sucked at. Also it was to get you to fully wake up.”

“Wake up? For what?”

“For your training,” replied Rainbow Dash, landed right next to him. “Congratulation, you’ve just been drafted into Rainbow Dash’s first and only boot camp, consider yourself privileged.”

“Boot camp for what, why?”

“Two unicorns are coming and they mean business. We don’t stand much of a chance against them at the moment. But we’ve got to get everything we can grab to throw at them and one of those things are you.”

“Me? Are you crazy? I’m just a baby dragon?”

“A baby dragon who managed to sock it to that Unicorn, Dawnshade. I don’t know how you did that, but I bet I can I teach you to control it through hard work, inspire to build character and getting you to adapt to your environment.”

“I don’t like this, where’s Twilight?”

“Hate to break it to you, but Twilight’s gone. Sacrificed herself to get rid of Dawnshade,” said Rainbow Dash, with no sympathy in her tone. It came to as a shock for Spike, who started to weep. “And guess what, probably wouldn’t have happened if you had you had better control over your that power. But take it this way, how about getting control over that power to defeat the two unicorns, you’ll can at least have something for Twilight to return to when her friends revive her.”

“Well- I guess.”

“You don’t have much of a choice. The unicorns will come for you eventually as well and will probably have a second chance to eliminate Twilight and then there’s me who isn’t giving you the choice to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime to train with me!” shouted up to his face.

“Okay! Okay! Where do we begin then- this training?”

“Right now, start running!”

“To where?”

“As if I care! Just start running until I tell you to stop! Move it! And be fast otherwise I’ll trample all over you!”

The Pegasus then started to chase after the baby dragon out of the shore and through the landscape.


“Why is it that we can’t train as well to fight the unicorns?” asked Applebloom as she jumped on the couch with two other ponies, one Sweetie Bella.

“Yeah, I want to be able to fight beside my sister, so I can give a kick the first unicorn that invades us!”

“Darn tooting!” said Granny Smith as she jumped on a chair next to them.

“Would you please get a hold of yourselves?” asked Cherilee. “I hate to say this but some of you aren’t yet ready and the rest of you, well your times been and you need to entrusting with these ponies. Plus we have the most important task.”

“We do?” asked Applebloom.

“Yes, it’s up to us to collect the Orbs of harmony so we can bring back Twilight, so that she can save the day!”

All three of them stared at Cherilee for a moment, but then immediately went back to their bounces on the catch and yelled. “We want to fight! We want to fight!”

Tried to say something, Cherilee just gawked and slipped her head back down.


“Thank you all for coming,” said Fluttershy in front of the five ponies, Big Macintosh, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Snip and Rarity, all proudly at attention. They stood on a great flat wooden platform that rested on top of a giant tree. On the platform was a simple wooden home behind Fluttershy. Next to the pegasus was a small white bunny who wore a red sleeveless shirt and turban, with his arm folded and looked at the ponies in an intimidating fashion. “As you know, two unicorns are on their way here and mean harm. They’re strong, but we can’t just let them come here and take what they want and whatever they want. But I’m hoping that by gathering all we can to stop them and train as hard as we can, we will repel the unicorns.”

“You can count on us, Fluttershy. When does the training begin?” questioned Applejack.


“Okay let’s get to it!”

“Give us what you’ve got,” said Rarity.

“I’m ready!” shouted Pinkie Pie.

“Eyyup,” said Big Macintosh.

“Alright, Angel will watch over your training,” said Fluttershy as she walked into her house.

“Huh?” said all the ponies.

“What?” asked Fluttershy, paused and turned her head to look back at them.

“Aren’t you going to teach us some special moves you taught, Twilight? After all, when she came back from training up here, she was like way times more powerful. Why don’t you do the same for us?” questioned Applejack.

“Oh, well, to be honest. I didn’t really teach, Twilight anything?”

“Come again?”

“I didn’t really teach Twilight anything, to be honest. Now if you excuse me, I have a few things to take care of if you don’t mind,” said Fluttershy sweetly and continued on her walk.

All the ponies then stood with their mouths hung in disbelief. The bunny, Angel, however continued to stare at them viciously.

Chapter 3

Next day, Spike had been finally able to curl up asleep. He had done push-ups, run laps and squashes, all of which he could yelled at from Rainbow Dash for being so pathetic. He had been very reluctant when he finally got his rest.

He woke up with a startle however when he heard this slam in front of him. He looked up and saw it was Rainbow Dash.

“Up and going, maggot!””

“What time is it?” asked Spike as he rubbed his eye. He saw that the sun only started to rise.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been good at telling the time. Now attention!” The baby dragon then sprang up, limbs straight, chin up and eyes opened. The pegasus then continued. “We began this boot camp for one day and the way it’s been going, I can tell it’s not going to be enough. I need more training of my own to perfect the Sonic Rain Boom and you need to start learning to fight on your own. So here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to leave you out here for roughly a week.”

“Roughly a week?”

“I told you, I’m not good at time!”

“Okay! But you’re going to leave me, out here for a week?”

“That’s right. You’re going to have to learn how to feed yourself, protect yourself and most importantly survive by yourself.”

“What you want me to do that all alone?”

“Come on, you’re a dragon.”

“A baby dragon!”

“Same thing, but look, I’m arguing! I’m telling you that you’re going to survive out here in a whole week and you better survive or else!”

“Or else what? If I don’t survive, what can you possible do to me then?”

“You don’t want to find out. But as if it matters, were trying to make you unlock your potential or at least make you strong for the upcoming unicorn battle, so that you can help save everyone.”

“Oh, why do you have to keep point that out?”

“I’m done wasting time talking to you.” Rainbow Dash then opened up her wings and started to take off. As her wings flapped, they started to build up a strong air current that blew Spike off his feet and piles of dust at him. “Before I forget to mention, there are other dragons out here that don’t take friendly to other dragons, so I’d be careful. Any ways, see you in a week time, depending if you’ve lived through my training.”

“No, Rainbow Dash! Wait! What was that about the other dragons?”


Later, all on his own, Spike wandered through the open land, with his arms around his tummy and his head down. “Just great, I’m cold, bored and hungry. All I’ve been doing is just walking aimlessly. I wish Rainbow Dash gave me a few tips and some food before she just up and left.”

The baby dragon continued to wander until he found a huge cave before him. It didn’t look that friendly and he read a lot of nursery books where the big bad monster was always inside. However peered over his shoulder behind him, he saw the sun already about to sink back down. It was then he decided he should go inside.

He had found a broken branch and used his dragon breath to light it and was then able to look about inside. It was a wide tunnel, enough to fit a train through. Whatever had made it had to be huge. Though on the bright side, there was no noise, smell or anything so it had to be abandoned.

Built up a small camp fire, Spike rested nearby it to keep warm and went to sleep.


Woken up again by the sound of his stomach, Spike had sleep bags in his eyes and wobbled his head. He was so tired, but he was so hungry to get to sleep. Up on his feet, he needed something.

Taken out the torch from the fireplace, Spike continued on the move again. Problem was that he had no idea where he was going. He aimed to go outside, but wasn’t sure if he was. Suddenly he tripped.

Thought it was a rock, Spike was about to get up and move again, but it brought up the reflection of his flames? Looked to it, he realised it was a gem.

“Food!” cried Spike. He snatched the item and quickly gobbled it up. Though just he had it, his stomach growled afterwards as it demanded more. Looked around, Spike surprised himself when he found another and another. Followed a trail of gems, he continued to snack on them until a wide reflection caught the fire light and sent out a blazing reflection. Spike practically melted when he saw before him a vast mountain of gems.

Unable to think with his stomach in control, Spike threw himself at the pile and started to scarf on all of them. He ignored the low brim sound as he swallowed, being that it was probably still his stomach. He ignored the gems movement as he thought it was because of how he ate near the bottom. However, he didn’t ignore the cloud of smoke that brushed over him.

Slowly looked up with shrunk pupils, Spike nearly choked on the gem he was ate, as he saw before him, a massive dragon that towered over him and didn’t look to please as he saw Spike. Spat the gem he chewed on and stood up straight and placed out his hand.

“Um, hallo... sorry I was eating on your food... I didn’t know it was yours and...”

The dragon roared out and Spike scattered.

Fully awake now, he roughly knew which way to go, but didn’t have his torch anymore after the dragon’s breath blew it out. It wasn’t too much of a problem though when the dragon breathed fire from behind him that almost singed his tail.

He managed to make it outside the cave where we then able to follow the moonlight. The bigger dragon kept up behind him relentlessly and tried to move in closer. It had however been hindered by the rows of trees that Spike ran though and had to squeeze its way.

While the bigger dragon struggled, Spike had quickly ran around spiral cliff and quickly begun to climb. He could hear the heavy stamps of feet close in, but quickly gave it his all; he managed to scramble his way up over the top. It then came to him that he had only tried to climb the thing for a few seconds, but was in disbelief that he had travelled up dozens of metres across the surface.

“How did I get up here?” he asked and then looked over the cliff and saw the bigger dragon crash its way through the forest. “Either way, I don’t think I want down.” His stomach then continued to grumble menacingly. “Oh come on, I ate like ten gems back there and I’m still hungry. Well I can maybe get some sleep with a partial empty- huh?” He then noticed a dozen apples and bananas dropped on the surface next to him. “Wow, what’s fruit doing all the way up here? Oh well, I shouldn’t really care! Food!”

He then started too much on them ravishingly. He quickly started to pause though as he could remember a similar time he was hungry. Looked back when him and Twilight were on an adventure together. It wasn’t anything exciting, just them on a hike up the mountain to explore. While they were up, he had eaten all the gem rations to fast. When he regretted it and was really hungry, he finally agreed to eat the fruit, Twilight offered, it was the first time he had tasted anything vegetarian; nowhere as good as gems, but he was able to eat them.

Stared at the apple he had half munched on and turned to its unbitten surface, he was able to remember how Twilight loved these.

“I-I don’t know what I can do to stop the unicorn attack or unlock this potential Rainbow Dash keeps talking about. But I promise to do my best, from now on I’m going to try and take this boot camp of Rainbow Dash’s more seriously, I’ll do all I can to get stronger and surpass her expectations, I promise,” said Spike to the apple. He wobbled however as he started to quickly lose his strength. “I guess though I should prepare myself for tomorrow.”

Watched over him in the sky, Rainbow Dash glared down, only partial satisfied from what he said. That’ll be the last time I help the little twerp, said Rainbow Dash inside her thoughts, ah well, seems something’s given him some backbone. But as if it matters, I’ll have to start training myself as well, I have to get better because after this, it’s back to my take over the world plan.


Two days onwards, those at Fluttershy’s place worked hard through their training. They woke up early, trained all day and worked hard at it. They swapped and shared methods on how to get better. They worked together in spars and contests to put each other to the test, all in a hurry for the unicorn attack.

Right now, Applejack and Big Macintosh sparred, they traded punches and kicks and worked hard to dodge and outmanoeuvre. Rarity bucked against the trees, each strike in an effort to break them down with one kick and each time well succeeded. Pinkie Pie did set ups, though she made silly woo noises as she went up and down. Snip however had realised about Fluttershy’s food stash and got distracted by that.

“Okay, this is getting a bit mighty ridiculous,” said Applejack. She dodged an incoming buck from her brother and then gave a buck back at him, which sent the large pony off his hooves and crashed into a row of trees. “We came up here for some special training from Fluttershy, the same Twilight got, but so far we’ve done squat all. We’ve just been doing stuff we could’ve been doing back on the ground.”

“Not really, we didn’t get together back on the ground to have this month long slumber party and work together,” said Pinkie Pie. She continued to do her sit-ups, but without the silly noises.

“I’ll admit you have a point on that, but Fluttershy could’ve just saved us the trouble of climbing up here and sent us somewhere more convenient.”

“But climbing up here wasn’t easy, it was a lot of hard work,” said Rarity. She approached over to them. “Plus now we have a private residence to do our training and up in high altitude, which makes training more challenging.”

“Though do you really think this is how, Twilight got stronger? Just climbed a big tree over the clouds and continuously horsed around in high altitude?” asked Applejack. She then noticed that Angel had came over and now drummed his right foot against the floor and glared at them. “Hey, Angel, you know the training that Fluttershy gave to Twilight, how about showing us?” The rabbit continued to just glare at her though. “Come on, I’ll give you a carrot in return.” The rabbit’s glare was immediately pulled back to a surprised look. “I’ll give you two carrots, how about that.” A sweat emerged from the rabbits fur and slid around his head. “How does five sound?” There was no response from the rabbit that time. But soon as Applejack was about to frown, the rabbit quickly grabbed one of her front hooves and shook it and then turned around and hopped over.

“Now we’re talking,” said Applejack. “Let’s go guys!”

“Okay!” Pinke Pie then proceeded to bounce behind her.

“And here I thought Fluttershy was being honest, when she said she taught Twilight nothing,” said Rarity behind them.

“Eyyup.” Big Macintosh followed, with Snip close behind.


They were now in a dark room, where a large pendulum device swung back and forth over this red circle platform that glowed.

“What the heck is this place?” asked Applejack.

“Whatever it is, it has an odd taste in design,” responded Rarity.

The bunny continued to hop onto the platform. It then turned to the ponies again and started to waved its arms towards him and then point below him.

“I think he wants us to stand there,” said Pinkie Pie.

“Um, that’s fine. You guys alright about me just staying here in case Fluttershy comes back or something,” Snip said while he shivered at the sight of the thing.

“That’s fine, any other of you criers want out?” questioned Applejack.

“Nope,” Her brother followed his sister onto the thing.

“I’m in!” Pinkie Pie jumped into the thing.

“Well I am curious to see what this thing is.” Rarity took her place into the platform.

Angel hoped off the device and stood beside Snip. He then waved to them in a bye-bye fashion and all four of them started to fade.

“In second though, I don’t think this was a fashionable idea,” said Rarity.

“Wow, look, I can see through myself- and you!” laughed Pinkie Pie.

“Alright, you can do this Applejack,” she told herself.


All four were then completely gone.


All four reappeared and what they found was themselves in this wrecked city. All four of them were shocked. It looked it had once been a peaceful community on the open grassland, surrounded by inspiring mountains and peaceful forest, but it now was just a barren land, with shattered rocks around it and without any kind of life. The sky itself was dark and shone with blood red colour that was able to light up the place.

“Where are we?” asked Rarity. “Have we been sent somewhere?”

“I don’t know, but I reckon we should take a look around,” said Applejack.

The group then walked into the ruined settlement. Each building had collapsed and became unsafe, erected statues had now been levelled and they caught glimpses of skulls of ponies. Pinkie Pie had ran up to one of the buildings and peeked through its windows.

“I don’t know about you guys, but this place could do with a bit more life around here.”

“We didn’t come here to visit Pinkie Pie. This place should be where Twilight trained, got to be. Just got to figure out what were suppose to do,” said Applejack.

“Perhaps we’re already training,” said Pinkie Pie as she continued to look inside the old remains.

“Pinkie, that’s a bit ridiculous.”

Before Pinkie Pie responded, she noticed this reflective shine in the dark, followed by this sinister chuckle. Spooked, Pinkie Pie reared her head back out and rushed after the others. “Wait for me guys!”

“I wish I knew what happened here? Was there a war or something?” questioned Rarity.

They then heard the sound of bone been shattered by the weight of a hoof. The ponies then started to hastily look around him.

“I think there’s somebody here.”

“My girl, you are dead on right.”

They snatched themselves around and saw relaxed on a torn down fountain, two ponies, both yellow with red and white hair smooth hair. They wore solid rubber-like harnesses that were coloured with blue and white stripes and with black trims. They had on their foreheads horns.

“They have horns like, Twilight,” said Applejack uncomfortably.

“And they have armour like Dawnshade,” added Pinkie pie.

“Well of if both Twilight.”

“And Dawnshade.”

“Are unicorns.”

“Then of course they do.” The two spoke finishing each other’s sentences.

“We’re unicorns as well after all.”

“I’m Flam,” said the one with the moustache.

“And I’m Flim.”

“Hold, are you the two unicorns coming to our place to find the Orbs of harmony?” questioned Applejack.

“Orbs of what?”

“I don’t know are we?”

“Of course not brother.”

“Then what are they talking about, because we’ve already invaded a place and destroyed it.”

“These guys talk funny.” Pinkie Pie then made a short giggle.

“Talk funny do we?”

“Won’t think so when we do the unicorn welcome.”

“Is that because it’s funnier?”

“No, because it’ll make you afraid of the way we talk.”

“Actually your wrong brother.”

“Why is that?”

“Because they’ll be dead once we’ve done the unicorn welcome.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well- bring it on!” shouted Applejack half-hearted.

“If you say so.”

Just then, Flam had reappeared behind Big Macintosh and said. “Always sporting to go for the big ones first.” And bucked him.

Big Macintosh flung over the street, where Flim appeared above his head and bucked down at him. The Earth pony then crashed into the ground, the impact caused the surface to crack and break.

The two unicorns then took a moment to chuckle at their display.

“These guys are fast,” said Pinkie Pie.

“I’ll teach you to do that to my big brother!” yelled Applejack. She charged furiously at Flam.

“Why look at this, Flim, the little girl’s standing up for the big brother.” The unicorn then levitated up and over Applejack and then slammed back down on her with all four hooves. “Don’t get that very often do you?”

“You ruffians!” shouted Rarity. A beam of concentrated energy fired out from her forehead at Flim. But the unicorn vanished and reappeared beside her.

“Actually you do, Flam. Little sisters like to show they can stand up for themselves.” He then delivered a side kick to Rarity’s face and knocked her back.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you, brother.” The unicorn used the magic of his horn to stop Pinkie Pie’s charge at him and flip her up into the air. “Little sisters prefer their older brothers to stick up for them because they want to be lady like.”

“Get off me!” demanded Applejack underneath Flam’s hooves.

“Oh why? It isn’t my weight is it?”

“Get off my sister alone!” Big Macintosh struggled back up to his hooves.

“Oh look there, Flam, that one survived own of our unique combos.”

“And what more, he can still just about stand, a big one indeed.”

“I said get off my sister!” roared Big Macintosh as loud as he could and ran at Flam.

“Let’s see if he can survive another combo attack?” asked Flam.

The two unicorns then lifted their upper right hoof aimed at Big Macintosh and fired beams of energy at him.

“No! Big Mac-!”

The twin beams already struck though before and Big Macintosh was fully consumed by the attack. When it cleared, there was nothing more than a long trench line and black smoke.

“How disappointing.”

“Yes, I hoped the big one would be up for a little more sport.”

Filled with grief, tears ran down Applejack’s face and her lips quivered. But also filled with anger, she screamed out and created a big enough aura that forced Flam to get off her.

The unicorn then stood next to his brother and watched at the girl amusingly.

“Look there, Flam, I believe we made the poor girl cry?”

“Indeed we have, Flim, what do we do?”

A large pile of red energy formed in front of Applejack into the shape of an apple. “Apple family speciality!” She then faced around and bucket at it the energy and caused it to fire at the two unicorns. With little effort to move out of the way, the unicorns practically allowed the blast to strike against them. It ignited into a large explosion that swept across the city and caused buildings to crumble simply from the impact.

Soon as it settled, Applejack’s hat had fallen off and she panted, with tears piping out of her eyes. “That was for you brother.”

Rarity and Pinkie Pie slowly came over to comfort her, but they were gasped when they saw Film above her.

“Only thing we can do, Flam, put her out of her misery.”

Before Applejack could react, the unicorn had fired from his hooves a barrage of energy that showered all over her.

“Applejack!” screamed Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

Soon as they could see through the smoke and devastation, they could see Applejack was gone.


“Get a hold of yourself, Pinkie Pie. We need to make a tactical withdrawal to reorganise our strategy.”

Though before they could turn and run, Flam appeared in their way.

“Don’t leave, I thought we were having fun?”

“Quick! Pinkie! Flank him on both sides!”

The two girls vanished and then reappeared at both of Flam’s flanks and tried to buck against him, but the unicorn levitated over their kicks.

“Let’s finish this brother,” said Flim strolled out from the shadows.

“Yes, let’s.”


All four ponies had reappeared in the Pendulum room, each of them breathless and sweated all over. Soon as they figured out that they could moved again, they started to press their hooves across themselves.

“We’re- we’re still alive,” said Applejack, her voice trembled.

“Sorry about that.” They all then noticed Fluttershy was in the room, next to Angel.

“Fluttershy? Wh-what was that we just experienced?” questioned Rarity.

“Your minds, were brought through time to certain point that you were able to experience.”

“Our minds? But it felt like our whole bodies were there,” said Applejack.


“The Pendulum room has that effect. It makes you feel as if you really were there.”

“Wow and Twilight actually used this thing to make herself strong?” questioned Pinkie Pie.


“Why didn’t you show us this before?” asked Rarity.

“I was afraid it would be too intense for you. Twilight, after all would sometimes be quite stressed by the experience each time.”

“Fluttershy, can I ask you?” said Applejack and looked hard at Fluttershy and made her uncomfortable. “There were two unicorns in there that we were fighting.”

“Yes, I sort of know that to be honest.”

“Then be honest, are they anything like the two unicorns that we’ll be fighting?”

“To be honest, no. I don’t mean to demoralise you, but the two unicorns on their way are twice as strong as the ones in there.”

Everyone who heard gasped with wide open eyes. It caused Fluttershy to stroke her arm regrettably.

“Well ain’t that something,” spoke Applejack.


“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited about this, two hombres that strong and we get to be the ones to try and stop them. All we’ve got to do is get stronger and be ready for them!”

“Applejack’s right,” replied Rarity.

“You’re right, it is exciting!” shouted Pinkie Pie.


“Fluttershy, let us go again!”

“Alright, but you should probably rest first. You will have been under a lot of strain from your endeavour.”

“Fine, but um, where’s Snip?”

“Oh, he went off for some more food I believe.”

Angel started to shake his arms and gnaw his teeth in frustration that the pony had gone for more food instead of training.

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