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[Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

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Re: [Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

Post by swicked on Fri May 15, 2015 11:16 am

Harmony Ltd. wrote:Proof that the Second Amendment is in danger in the US:

Yeah... that demonstration wasn't really necessary, I'd of thought. We're well aware of how ingrained profiling (particularly racial) is for cops in america. The same thing would have happened if he was hispanic or middle eastern. And the more peaceful discussion that happened with the white guy would have happened if he was any other flavor of asian.

I'm more curious if the exchange would have gone any differently if the white guy had looked more threatening, with tattoos, a wife beater, maybe some indications of past violence (like a black eye or something), etc.
Then had the black guy wearing dress shoes, a polo shirt, khakis, (or maybe even a suit, to exaggerate the look), which his hair cut short, maybe an expensive watch... basically looking like he was fairly well off. Then again, the area he was walking around in looked a bit more run down than the one the white guy was.

Anyway, I feel like it might not make a difference for the black guy, but the white guy might have been approached aggressively as a result.

Maybe they could have done a comparison between a woman carrying it and a man carrying it, too (though they'd probably run out of guns, I don't think that AR-15 is going to be returned, it's probably just be held until the cops can resell it or something). Sexism in the law is usually only talked about regarding comparative punishments handed down by judges, but I have to think it exists within the cops as well.



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