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[Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

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Re: [Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

Post by Kattlarv on Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:55 am

Tytan wrote:
Vinylshadow wrote:
Kattlarv wrote:
Tytan wrote:
Spooky screw loose:
Not overly spooky as a whole. Plus, the bust takes out most of it.

Boobs make scary things not scary
@katt That may be true but you also have absurd standards.

@vinyl Then you obviously aren't familiar with the work of one H.R. Geiger.
Not really. It's not drawn in a very threatening manner. Most the emphasis and focus seemed to be on enhancing the cleavage. At most they went for a "not sure if want/strangely arousing" not to be spooky. (And having read your reply later down: Sorry for trailing down below. But yeah... like said: You kinda seem to forget which you are posting it too. Also, sorry to hear about the crash. Been there myself. Most programs today can have a auto-save feature turned on though.)

Find it quite silly when people complain that I'm too "picky" or whatnot. Sure, when I go nitpicking, then it's fine. But when I see people casually demand like, 18 different things they want a character to have. And I can ask for one, and have it be claimed as "way too much" or that you can't just ask for that, but demanding those 18 things is totally cool, because that's normal. Like heck, been told that asking for a character to even remotely have an indicated personality is way to complex to pull off. Or that it's impossible to not make a character anything but the most cliche archetype in 18+ stuff (like "selfish male douchebag"  or "female with no self-regard or needs". Totes impossible to do anything but those two. Just can't be done, I'm asking for way too much.

I mean shesh, it all just boils down to my one primary rule really: Don't be a hypocrite.
Also; Didn't notice it was a screen till you pointed it out. Also: What do you expect? :P Many here seem to at least be close to the fandom that almost casually does things like: depict some pony guy with tits feeing multiple ponies into a meat grinder while he rapes them. Or does stuff like that Fluttershy pic. Ofc we'll be desensitised and hard to please/impress. Heck, seen several just go with an almost brittish tone "Oh, another one of these." when they see a pic of like... a schoolgirl bleeding out with a slit throat... that atop that, add the fact a majority here suffer from some kind of disorder or what have you. I'm gonna stop deadpanning now... sighing at the work won't get any editing done.



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