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S4 Episode 19 - For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils

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S4 Episode 19 - For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils

Post by OneMoreDaySK on Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:04 pm

Bah, I'm doing this from now on whenever I finish the episode.

Anyways, standard plot about sabotage, regret, and fixing the problem by the end of the episode. Animators definitely went all out on the effects. At one point I was going Shoo-be-doo.
Obviously liked Lulu getting showtime, and even more directly involved with the plot. Got to note that while 'Tia seems to pull the whole Trickster Mentor off, Lulu has a more hooves-on approach. Not blaming 'Tia for distance, as she has a kingdom to run an all, but one wonders when she'll let them form their own government. Definitely can associate with seeing a sibling judge without having the whole picture; 'tis why I try to get the whole story of all sides when mediating an argument, however difficult a side gets to be. Sweetie Belle looks so adorable in her filly 'adult' makeover. A tad frustrated at her when she was blaming Rarity for the costumes, but I can see all that effort she put into the production get ignored in favor of professional handiwork. She should've asked for pointers to improve, rather than get Rarity to do the whole thing. That way she still has a hoof in the production. Also why didn't the other CMC help out? Was it because Sweetie claimed to have 'got this' like in Twilight Time?

Also, on Lulu, a bit drastic for a Not!Christmas Carol, yes? Just because Rarity makes a mistake, I don't think Ms. Shores will just dump Rarity like that. I have a feeling that subconscious played a role in this, and while Lulu gets rid of the worst of it, she'll allow the subconsousness to roam within acceptable limits.

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