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Anyone looking for a better half?

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Anyone looking for a better half?

Post by Nighty on Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:55 pm

So I'm gonna be single in two weeks or less :c
We went for more than a year, but I guess these two stallions weren't meant to be after all. He promised me a forever that he didn't understand, and I fooled myself into believing him.

Maybe one of you guys out there are cool :3
Hit me up, Night Flare on Skype (blue sleeping pony as profile pic), I can't wait to make somepony else happy. I hope he can make me happy back T-T...

19, male, In the middle/north half of California, freshman in college. Working out and video games and ponies and a whooooooole lot of other ^fun stuff^. That's me~

Let's chat it up, folks, I might just be who you're looking for, and you just might be who I'm looking for.

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