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FOE Story Ideas Up for Adoption

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FOE Story Ideas Up for Adoption

Post by jacky2734 on Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:47 am

Alright, here's the deal, I've had a concept for a FOE story mulling about in my head for a while. I'd planned to use several concepts in it that would had made it drastically different from the usual side story. Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that I have nowhere near enough skills as an author to pull off those concepts without turning the characters involved into Mary Sues, and even if I did, I just don't have the attention span necessary to write a story long enough to give them justice. So with that in mind, I'm putting these ideas out there for anyone to pick up and use for their own stories.

Story concepts:

1. Place the setting in Saddle Arabia - A simple change in scenery and culture can have drastic effects on how the locals deal with a post-apocalyptic world. Notable features would have included a vast, sandy desert dotted with plains of irradiated glass where the bombs hit and a lack of the constant cloud cover that plagued the Equestrian Wasteland.

2. The introduction of a Anti-Redeye - Redeye believed that the future of the wasteland would lie in the hooves of future generations, and as such, he set out to build a foundation from which they could shape the wasteland. Unfortunately, he sought to do this by breaking the backs of every single mare and stallion of the current generation and generally making life a whole lot harder for the rest of the wasteland's inhabitants. This character was to be his antithesis, a stallion who brought together fractured and feuding tribes not by conquering them, but by reasoning with them, who built an army not to keep his subjects in line, but to protect them, who focused on providing food, shelter, and medical care for his people instead of working them to death inside a poisonous city in order to manufacture weapons for his army.

3. The concept that the world doesn't need some fancy supertech left over from the war in order to heal, all it really needs are large groups working together in harmony towards a unified goal. For example, in the original story, Helping Hoof stated that while there was a spell that could remove taint and radiation, it could at best remove it from a single tree before the unicorn who used it became exhausted. However, if you taught that spell to a few dozen unicorns and then had them work as teams in shifts, you could make an entire field ready for planting within a week without the need for a specialized megaspell.

4. Some plotline based around these lines: "You know, before the war, before the guns, the bombs, and the hate, this world was a world filled with myths and magic. Now, I'm not talking about the magic that the MoS picked apart trying to find a way to end the war. Oh no, I'm talking about true magic, that unknowable factor that will always keep us mystified in what it produces. That is what I speak of, and I bet - just bet - that if you dug deep enough, looked far enough, and believed hard enough, you'll find that that magic is still in this world, hidden away and waiting for someone to find it and let it back out into the world."

5. Closure for Luna - Lets face it, she got a raw deal. Her school was destroyed and Celestia abdicated the throne to her because she couldn't take it anymore. Then the war to escalate simply because she was put in charge. Then in the end, while her sister escaped Canterlot, Luna didn't, and while Celestia may be stuck in a hell of her own making, Luna's body was left to decompose for two centuries in a poisoned castle only for her remains to be desecrated in a ploy to gain control over the SPP system. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of her or not, she deserved something better than that.
This plot point's goal wasn't to give her a "happy" ending, it was to give her a "better" ending, and considering that she is canonically confirmed to be a dream walker, she has a perfect opening for some form of redemption.

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Re: FOE Story Ideas Up for Adoption

Post by Exodus Hero on Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:09 am

Concepts are cool and all but I truly believe that if you really want something written the way you've envisioned it, you have to write it yourself. Just remember these two things when you start to write: 1) Quality is better then quantity and 2) It's not a sue character if the character in question struggles in their goals.

On a related note, concepts two, three, and four sound the funnest to write (at least for me). Might give a swing at it in the near future. I'll post it here if I decide to write it (although my editing skills aren't the best when writing my own stories; therefore, the story will more than likely hold many errors).
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