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[Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

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Re: [Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

Post by cb5 on Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:48 pm

Mister Frost wrote:That's gotta suck. It's not a good Christmas for me unless I end up with a mouthful of meat.
It double sucks for me in that in cause I can't eat meat that also means I can't hunt due to religious beliefs when I do love hunting. . . and no it's not the generic hippy reason either,
hold on let me explain:
What I mean by that is animistic beliefs holds that animals are sacred and that you pray to the gods in thanks.  Going out and hunting deer or such for their meat is fine so long as you recognize that they're a living creature with a soul too and don't waste their flesh.  Contrary to popular belief hunting is actually a important part of many animistic religions in that to us we consider animals our spiritual equals.  Personally speaking if I do go hunting and don't kill it off the bat I comfort the animal while it's dying explaining why I need it and pray for it.

If someone asks me to go hunting so they can skin it and use it for food I have no problem whatsoever and actually enjoy it cause it's spiritually to me a part of nature and is spiritually important.  If someone makes a living off selling meat of animals or such that's considered perfectly fine.  Hunting for the sake of hunting and having a trophy?  Yeah, no.  As much as I understand the desire to hunt, that's considered really disrespectful.

What I mean by that is I actually do like hunting, however that I only hunt when there is a need to such as someone eats the meat of the animal.  If someone asks me to go hunting with them to eat it or for others to eat the meat that's totally cool with me.  I have no moral problems with mowing down a entire herd of deer so long as you actually have a need to do so.

. . . And before you ask, no I do not agree with hippies in any way due to they spout off garbage like this image-

-cause they spout out a ton of crap garbage while ignoring that animals in nature do eat other animals.  Personally to me people that like that are metaphorically blind in that groups like PETA constantly spout out, "free the animals", but have so little actual respect for animals that they claim to be respecting and pull shit like this-
If one of the people that did this showed up at a shrine talking about it they would probably get "politely" asked to leave permanently, cause someone doing something like that would be the equivalent of if a christian took a crap on the bible and then threw it at the pastor and then ran around a church yelling out, "hail satan!"
Ironmonger wrote:I was just given a copy of this book for Christmas:
You have the best gift giver ever.
RoboRed wrote:
Why is equestria prevails so good of a artist? (rhetorical question)



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