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S4 Episode 4 - Daring Don't

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Re: S4 Episode 4 - Daring Don't

Post by CamoBadger on Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:29 pm

Meleagridis wrote:Hey, headcanoneers! Here is a thing that pulls out some of the nerd-talk RD and Twilight had. It concludes that there might have been an evil snake god in Equestria's past.

swicked wrote:
I started the episode thinking that it was going to be like Dressed for Success, with the writers doing an episode talking about theirs and the voice actors' experiences with obsessed fans. About how your idols are just normal people, too, and you should respect their right to space and privacy.
Instead, we got the message that, if you stalk your idols, they'll become your best friends. Or something.
Also, that they're all at least as awesome, if not more so, than you expect them to be and, if you help them in their time of need, they'll reward you by putting you in their work.

On top of all that, the "official" message is that you are just as awesome and amazing as your idols, and they should respect and adore you just as much as you do them. Or something.

I honestly don't understand why the writers liked this whole thing. It seems like the sort of thing someone in their position wouldn't want to write.
...Welp, now I'm grumpy with the episode.

Moodyman90 wrote:Could always be that she believes in preserving artifacts like that until it's really necessary to destroy them.

Seriously, I can't believe they never said that.
I just wish they included TOP. MEN.

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