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Silver Lining. OC by brony all alone(baa)

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Silver Lining. OC by brony all alone(baa)

Post by brony all alone on Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:29 pm

NAME: Silver Lining

GENDER: Female

SPECIES: Pegasus

POWERS: Make somepony spontaneously change emotions, Invisibility

CUTIE MARK: cloud with silver outline

WEAPON(S): Dagger of Dreams, P226 Pistol,(FoE only).

DESCRIPTION: Kind and, Understanding, Serious, Helpful. COAT: Snow White, MANE: Pure Silver, EYES: same as mane, turn Red during a serious fight.

LOCATION: Fillydelphia

Family: Adopted into rich family

BACKSTORY: When she was a filly, her home and family in Ponsylvania was destroyed, now on a quest to find any of her remaining real family with the help of a vampony called Shadow Fang.( will have list for him later)

FRIENDS: Shadow Fang
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