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[Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

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Re: [Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

Post by brony all alone on Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:15 pm

stealth is the best option for anything. especially where without it its life threatening. stealth can do what an all out firefight can do, only quicker, more efficent,silent,and less US ammo and soldiers wasted,and possibly less people needed.(POSSIBLY). example: country a has to eliminate all of country b,s soldiers in a radio facility and shut off the radio before B can call backup. option 1: send 1 or 2 trained stealth men to quietly take out the enemies guarding the tower and disconnect it. after send some more guys in to clean up the mess. option 2: full on assault,B has time to call in reinforcements when 1st shots fired. those reinforcements can depend on th necessity of holding the area. so possibly enemy helos and alot of reinforcements. so stealth is key. being sneaky sure saved my ass a few times.


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