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skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas

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skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas Empty skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas

Post by brony all alone on Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:22 pm

hey guys/gals, so i will be working on my 1st ever fanfic. as the title says i need help with some character idaes. the following characters need to be ponifies. whether their ponies from the show or not.
leave their race and charecteristics as well
general tullius of the empire

ulfric stormcloak of the stormcloak rebellion
hadvar imperial soldier

imperial captain

ralof of riverwood stormcloak soldier

lokir of rorikstead also known as horse theif

emperor titus meade the 2nd

alduin (giant dragon) probably be the same
(can use changelings for stormcloaks)
locations that need to be ponified for chapter 1:

helgen, cyrodill, whiterun, falkreath, riverwood,rorikstead.

leave a ponified version for as many as you can. (i can also put your names in the credits.) if you want people to know this person or place was made up by you. if you wish to contact me, my cell is (315)-360-1694. thank you for your time. skyrim players might have an easier time coming up with ideas. for a video of the 1st quest: go to youtube and search skyrim 1st quest/ skyrim helgen escape.
brony all alone
brony all alone

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skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas Empty Re: skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas

Post by Scienza on Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:53 pm

Kind've the first thing you need to think about when writing a fanfic, especially a crossover fic, is why. Do you think the universes work well together? Even if they don't (like, say, Fallout and MLP), do you have ideas for how to make them work well together?

Not to discourage you, but writing a fic is hard work. You've got to put some thought into how the universe is going to work. It's one thing to just swap out some names and ponify some locations and end up with a piece that is neither distinct nor in keeping with its parents, and another to create a seamless, enthralling world.

So, set up some ground rules. Establish how you want the universe to work, how it relates to Equestria and how it relates to Tamriel. Create some factions and motives, do you want to reuse the ones from the game or create your own? Most importantly, think about how you're going to make engaging and interesting characters. Dovahkiin especially suffers from the fact that he/she is a bland block of muscle with no personality. It's why so many different people can see their character as a reflection of themselves, but it's not conducive to having an interesting main character. Play around with different personalities, seeing how they work off each other and develop. If you find someone that you really like, but don't see as being your main character, try having them in a supporting role or as a villain. And of course, don't forget to have fun. It sounds really cliched, but the single thing most important to finishing a work is enjoying it.

I like your enthusiasm and good luck.

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skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas Empty Re: skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas

Post by Frost on Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:16 pm

Another thing to consider is spelling, punctuation and grammar. A great many prospective readers (myself included) tend to move away from stories whose mechanics are poor, even if the story is done well. If the prose is unclear and hard to read due to errors, not even the most well-crafted world, plot and characters will make the work enjoyable to read.

Plus, it can just get confusing if proper capitalization and punctuation aren't adhered to. Ex:

"I helped my uncle, Jack, off his horse."
"I helped my uncle jack off his horse."
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skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas Empty Re: skyrim/mlp crossover fanfic character ideas

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