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OC Sheet: Event Horizon

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OC Sheet: Event Horizon

Post by HectorSmash on Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:38 pm

Character Name: Event Horizon (Vent for short)

Character Age: 22 (Going by human years, not totally sure how age works with ponies)

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Cutie Mark:

A black vortex-looking thing.

Appearance: https://imgur.com/y4fEcXO

The Pony Creator made his cutie mark too small (as usual) but that's just about the gist of his appearance.

Personality: Unlike his sister, Vent is a very "no-nonsense," serious kind of pony. He considers himself superior to most other ponies, but won't go out of his way to say it. Much like his sister, on the other hand, he's not afraid to lie and manipulate people to get what he wants. He loves having power over others. His life is driven by a desire to succeed and grow more powerful, and as such he finds himself balancing his time between studying, picking random duels with other unicorns, and resting to maintain his strength.

History: Vent grew up as the younger brother of a mainly pegasus household including his mother, father, and older sister. When he was born, special accommodations had to be made for his survival in Cloudsdale. As a result, he is accustomed to being the center of attention and getting his way, through force or guile.

Vent earned his cutie mark on the same day his sister earned hers - when she attacked a classmate as revenge for some unknown affront, he saw her lose her cool and took the opportunity to confirm his power over her. As she waylaid the classmate, he gathered his strength and pulled her away, holding her back with a powerful telekinesis. As a result, he concluded that his special talent is pulling, restraining, and resilience. He has since used his power to constrain his foes, forcing them to submit before their fight has even properly begun.

Vent still lives in Cloudsdale, in a house specially enchanted for his continued life in the clouds. He works as a weather pony, moving and holding large quantities of cloud in place for swift weather allocation. Only his pedal-powered helicopter allows him to continue life in Cloudsdale, but he's not willing to allow any obstacle to force him to move to a more sane habitat.

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